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  1. the charts
    Billboard Defends Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’ Removal From the Country ChartsHowever, the decision “could be revisited.”
  2. the charts
    The Jonas Brothers Have Finally Topped the Billboard Charts“Sucker” did what “Burnin’ Up” never could.
  3. the charts
    How Ariana Grande Dominated the ChartsHer success story is indicative of the ways in which chart success is measured circa 2019.
  4. the charts
    BTS Tops Billboard Chart, Making History in the ProcessIf you don’t know these boys, you probably should.
  5. the charts
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Ends the Reign of ‘Despacito’ at No. 1Unsurprisingly.
  6. Future Earns Back-to-Back No. 1 Album Debuts and Makes Billboard HistoryThe week after Future debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, the top spot was taken over by Future’s HNDRXX.
  7. the charts
    Daft Punk Finally Got Their First No. 1 SongWith a little help from the Weeknd.
  8. billboard charts
    J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only Debuts at No. 1It’s the third-highest-selling debut of the year.
  9. record breakers
    Drake’s ‘One Dance’ Had a Record-Obliterating Billion Streams on Spotify AloneIt’s the first song to reach one billion streams on Spotify.
  10. the charts
    Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Instantly Goes No. 1Everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold.
  11. the charts
    ‘Uptown Funk’ Is No Longer No. 1, and Furious 7 Is to BlameIt’s over, Mark Ronson.
  12. the charts
    That Time Drake Basically Turned His Album Into a Billboard ChartLife is hard … unless you’re Aubrey Graham.
  13. the charts
    ‘All About That Bass’ Is Still No. 1It continues to be a very weird time for music.
  14. the charts
    The Reign of ‘Fancy’ Is OverGood-bye.
  15. the charts
    Yes, Iggy Azalea Is Still No. 1And No. 2.
  16. the charts
    Song of Summer Watch: ‘Fancy’ Is Still No. 1And “Problem” is No. 2?
  17. the charts
    Song of Summer Watch: ‘Fancy’ Is No. 1And “Problem” is No. 2.
  18. the charts
    Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea Have Top 5 SongsFinally.
  19. the charts
    Frozen Is Still No. 1, But Future Outsold Iggy Azalea… by 1,000 records.
  20. the charts
    America Will Basically Only Buy Frozen AlbumsIt’s No. 1, again.
  21. the charts
    Frozen Is Your New AdeleIn that it has been No. 1 for a long time.
  22. the charts
    Kids Still Buying Frozen CDsCongrats, kids.
  23. the charts
    Rick Ross Edges Out Pharrell for No. 1Grilled cheeses for everyone.
  24. pharrell
    Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Is No. 1Clap along, etc.
  25. the charts
    Katy Perry Gets Her Ninth No. 1With “Dark Horse.”
  26. the charts
    Frozen, ‘Timber’ Are Still No. 1(On the music charts.)
  27. the charts
    Frozen Takes the No. 1 Spot From BeyoncéYes, that Frozen.
  28. i woke up like this
    Everybody Still Really Into BeyoncéIt’s closing in on 1,000,000 copies sold.
  29. the charts
    Yes, Beyoncé Is No. 1Flawless.
  30. the charts
    One Direction, ‘Wrecking Ball’ Are No. 1 AgainFamiliarity is comforting.
  31. the charts
    Eminem Is No. 1 AgainSorry, Gaga.
  32. the charts
    Lady Gaga Ekes Out a No. 1ARTPOP made it.
  33. the charts
    Arcade Fire Has the No. 1 Album in the CountryAnd Duck Dynasty is No. 4.
  34. the charts
    Katy Perry Has Another No. 1 AlbumOf course.
  35. the charts
    Miley’s Bangerz Is No. 1Naturally.
  36. the charts
    Justin Timberlake Has the No. 1 Album in AmericaAnd Lorde’s No. 3.
  37. the charts
    Lorde Has the No. 1 Song in AmericaSo there.
  38. the charts
    Drake Gets the Second-Biggest Debut of 2013He sold 658,000 records.
  39. the charts
    ‘Wrecking Ball’ Is Still No. 1Girls rule, boys drool.
  40. the charts
    Miley Cyrus Gets Her First No. 1Because of nudity.
  41. the charts
    Katy Perry Gets Her 8th No. 1R.I.P. summer (and “Blurred Lines”).
  42. the charts
    ‘Blurred Lines’ Has Been No. 1 for 12 Weeks NowBut Katy Perry is a fighter.
  43. the charts
    Robin Thicke Is No. 1 on Two Charts NowSongs and albums.
  44. the charts
    Song of Summer Watch: ‘Blurred Lines’ Has This in the BagIt’s No. 1, again.
  45. the charts
    Selena Gomez Takes the No. 1 From Jay ZKidz Bop: still very popular.
  46. the charts
    Jay Z Is Still No. 1Surprise.
  47. the charts
    Magna Carta Holy Grail Is Jay-Z’s Thirteenth No. 1 AlbumHe’s getting closer to the Beatles’ record.
  48. the charts
    J. Cole Has the No. 1 Album (Because Jay-Z’s Sales Don’t Count Yet)And Born Sinner has officially outsold Yeezus.
  49. the charts
    Wale Has the No. 1 Album in AmericaYeezus is down 80 percent.
  50. the charts
    Yeezus Is No. 1, But It’s Kanye’s Weakest Debut EverHe sold more than J. Cole, though.
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