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  1. exit strategy
    The Circle Might Have a Catfish ProblemWhat was initially a perfectly legitimate tactic within the larger game has become one of the latest season’s biggest bummers.
  2. overnights
    The Circle Season-Finale Recap: Still Gay As SinA winner with an incredible approval rating and the look on Nick’s face when he meets Sophia/Isabella makes for a satisfying finale.
  3. overnights
    The Circle Recap: Rankings Are Dropping Like It’s Hot“Daddy Nick” might be playing like he’s on The Bachelor, but his impressive use of the burner profile has put him in a power position.
  4. overnights
    The Circle Season-Premiere Recap: Liars and Dog Lovers and Catfish, Oh My!The identity-theft twist was exciting and fun until it was sad and hard to watch — one for the Circle record books.
  5. trailer mix
    The Circle Season Three Trailer: There’s An Imposter Among UsRound three starts September 8.
  6. reality tv
    Netflix Goes Full Disney Channel Games, Makes Its Reality Stars BattleWhat is this, a crossover episode?
  7. casting calls
    Netflix’s The Circle Gets Two More Rounds #Renewals Send MessageHere’s how you could be on an upcoming season …
  8. the circle
    Will Chloe and Mitchell From The Circle Just Start Dating Already?For crying out loud, this is getting ridiculous.
  9. spoilers
    The Circle’s Winner on Pulling Off the Perfect Catfish“I knew I threw myself in for a big, big challenge and I studied hard.”
  10. trailer mix
    The Circle Season Two Trailer Is Literally Too Hot to HandleNetflix’s synergy is on fire.
  11. close reads
    What’s With the Fake A.I. on Netflix Reality Shows?It’s a new age of reality-TV producer meddling.
  12. netflix
    Love Is Blind, The Circle Renewed Since People Are Never Going Outside AgainOf course.
  13. cabin fever
    6 Self-Quarantine Tips From The Circle’s Joey SassoThe coronavirus has forced a lot of people to be stuck in their homes, so we turned to a self-quarantine expert for advice.
  14. buffering
    Has Netflix Finally Figured Out Reality TV?With buzzy new shows like Love Is Blind, The Circle, and Cheer, Netflix’s unscripted division has been on a tear this year.
  15. The Circle’s Joey Sasso Shares Some Very Helpful Instagram TipsUp your Instagram game with some guidance from our new favorite reality star.
  16. gone catfishing
    The Circle’s Creator Guides Us Through the Show’s Beautiful Web of LiesFrom the “local” apartments to the “voice-activated” app to some players’ “identities,” nothing on the addictive reality series is as it seems.
  17. yeah buddy!
    Joey From The Circle Is Your Unlikely Reality-TV HeroTalking social media, skin care, and Lady Gaga with our favorite new reality star.
  18. vulture recommends
    God Help Me, I Love The CircleThe Circle is terrible. The Circle is fantastic. The Circle is the show we deserve right now.
  19. Shots of Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Alexis Bledel, and Many More in Our Tribeca StudioThe casts of The Handmaid’s Tale and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt visited us.
  20. odd coincidences
    Isn’t It Weird the Logo in The Circle Looks Just Like Uber’s?Even weirder: The movie’s version seemingly came first.
  21. dystopias
    What American Movies Get Wrong About Tech Dystopias: We Love ThemThere’s something vaguely opiatic about our films’ insistence that we will all resist powerful tech companies.
  22. trailer mix
    The Circle Trailer: Emma Watson Makes Her Own Damn Black Mirror With Tom HanksComing April 28.
  23. casting couch
    Ellar Coltrane Gets First Post-Boyhood RoleAww, our baby’s all grown up.
  24. the industy
    John Boyega to Star in Dave Eggers AdaptationOpposite Tom Hanks and Emma Watson.
  25. castings
    Tom Hanks Circling an Adaptation of Dave Eggers’s The CircleHe would star and produce.
  26. covers
    Eggers Does NYT Magazine’s First Fiction CoverAnd it’s hard to ignore.