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    Family Guy Star Mike Henry Will No Longer Voice Cleveland Brown“I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color.”
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    King of the Hill and Propane Accessories Now Available on HuluPlus Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, and more.
  3. vulture lists
    Beyond Gordon Cole: A Guide to David Lynch’s Acting RolesDid you know he appeared in Louie?
  4. ‘The Cleveland Show’ Has Been Canceled After four seasons on the air, Fox has canceled The Cleveland Show, according to animation site Cartoon Brew. Since premiering to strong […]
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    Go Behind the Scenes of Nick Offerman’s Cameo on The Cleveland ShowMeet Harry Grundle.
  6. So Many Animation Domination Voice-Over Guests So Much TimeZooey Deschanel, Jon Hamm, Johnny Depp, Steve Carell, Nick Offerman, and Fred Armisen are just some of the many who are set to lend their […]
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    See How Nicki Minaj and Kanye West Will Look on The Cleveland Show The poster also features Questlove, Bruno Mars, and Will.i.am.
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    Does Seth MacFarlane Love Talking Animals Because His Mom Masturbated a Dog?Could Ted’s talking stuffed bear be a manifestation of some deep psychological imprint involving his mother, a pet, and a happy ending?
  9. FOX Reveals its Predictable New ScheduleAs the first place network, FOX is different place than NBC and their predictable schedule suggests as much. Tuesday becomes their night of […]
  10. Fox Keeping ‘Family Guy,’ ‘American Dad’ and ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Around for […]Seth MacFarlane’s pockets are getting even more full: Fox just renewed both Family Guy and American Dad for their eleventh and eighth seasons, […]
  11. Trade Roundup: Tina Fey, Mandy Moore, Nick Offerman, Friends ReunionTina Fey may be producing Fancy Nancy, based on a series of children’s books about a girl named Nancy with a taste for all things […]
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    See The Cleveland Show Writers Play Word Association Games“Rim or tip?”
  13. Fox Renews Both Family Guy and The Cleveland ShowFox has officially renewed both Family Guy and The Cleveland Show for another season. They had already put in a renewal order for American Dad, […]
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    Gone With the Wind: Fox Bumps Night of Twister ToonsSeth MacFarlane’s animated trio had been set for Hurricane Sunday Night.
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    Hear Justin Timberlake Voice a Singing Booger on The Cleveland ShowBoogers sing in falsetto.
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    See Glee’s New Directions Visit The Cleveland ShowSynergy!
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    Justin Timberlake Lends Voice to Cleveland Show“Justin is just hysterical,” creator says.
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    Fox Renews The Cleveland ShowFor a third season.
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    Kanye West Debuts New Music! On The Cleveland Show!Really!
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    Kanye Gets AnimatedHe’s making an appearance on ‘The Cleveland Show,’ for some reason.
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    Jonah Hill Will Morph Into a 7-Year-Old Cartoon CharacterPlus: Clive Owen! Catherine Keener! Bros!
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    Seth McFarlane Will Continue Making ‘Family Guy’ Until Our Children’s Children Walk the EarthPlus: Patty and Selma rejoice! Here comes a ‘McGuyver’ movie!