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The Cobbler

  1. vulture festival 2020
    Method Man Became a New, Uh, Man After Acting in The CobblerIt didn’t quite give him magical shoes, but, almost!
  2. oscars 2016
    Remember, Tom McCarthy Also Directed The Cobbler“I love that movie. If you have four children and one of them’s wacky, you go, ‘Hey, he’s wacky, but I love that kid!’”
  3. Ishtar Star Dustin Hoffman Says Movies Are Bad Now“It’s the worst that film has ever been.”
  4. movies
    The Cobbler Is Terrible, Even for an Adam Sandler MovieI so, so wanted The Cobbler to be good.
  5. gifs
    The Complete Guide to Adam Sandler’s ActingAs a prelude to The Cobbler, in GIFs.
  6. trailer mix
    The Cobbler Trailer: Adam Sandler Tries on Lots of Other Peoples’ ShoesThey seem to always fit.
  7. ‘The Cobbler’ Trailer Features Adam Sandler and a Magical Sewing MachineAdam Sandler’s next big dramatic role is the Thomas McCarthy-directed The Cobbler, and while it doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, the […]