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The Comey Rule

  1. capitol riot
    Showtime Developing Capitol Riot Limited Series With Comey Rule CreatorsOh no, someone’s going to play the Q Shaman, aren’t they?
  2. overnights
    The Comey Rule Recap: The Bright LineThe miniseries concludes by mourning a career-long public servant and the institutional norms he represented under Trump
  3. overnights
    The Comey Rule Recap: Lose-LoseIn the first part of this two-part miniseries, the long fuse on James Comey’s tenure at the FBI is lit.
  4. tv review
    The Comey Rule Shows the Scarier Side of Donald TrumpYes, the flawed docuseries is a rehash of recent history, but it’s a history that’s repeating itself right now.
  5. based on true events
    Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson Take You Back to 2016 in The Comey Rule TrailerThe two-part Showtime limited series premieres on September 27.