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  1. the comics page
    Murder, Sex, and Talking Animals: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Low MoonAnthropomorphic animals get into all sorts of trouble with murder, revenge and sexual domination.
  2. the comics page
    Read Eight Pages From the ‘Masterpiece’ Graphic Novel Reviewed in This Week’s New YorkAn exclusive excerpt from the graphic novel of the summer, ‘Asterios Polyp.’
  3. the comics page
    What’s Under Those Bandages? Exclusive Comics Excerpt From The NobodyA creepy, pulpy story of small-town secrets and scientific experiments gone, natch, horribly awry.
  4. all for pagus!!!
    More Thrizzling Than Usual: This Week’s Comic Features 4-Playo, the Amazing Foreplay RobotPlus: Uncle Jimmy’s Bitter, Drunken Guide to the Animal Kingdom!
  5. cotton-eyed joe
    Swamp Creatures and Jim Crow: Comics Excerpt From BayouA fable full of dirty magic, like an Angela Carter story transplanted to the Deep South.
  6. muppets
    Exclusive Excerpt: The Muppet Show Returns, in Comic-book FormThe most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational comics excerpt we’ve ever run.
  7. crusty seamen
    Nautical Adventure and Extreme Drunkenness: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Far ArdenPirates! Sea battles! Polar bears! Sword fights! Alluring damsels! Annoying undergrads! And a mysterious tropical island hidden in the farthest north!
  8. the comics page
    Love, Family, and the Stinky Poo Tree: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From The Color of EarthA widow and her young daughter look for love in early-twentieth-century Korea.
  9. the comics page
    Making Out With the Smart Boys: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From A Mess of EverythingBoring teachers. Bullshit poseurs. Anorexic best friends. Surely you remember the joys of high school as if they were yesterday!
  10. the comics page
    New York’s Awesome Apocalypse: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Bob Fingerman’s From the AshesFive pages from a gloriously misanthropic new comics series.
  11. the comics page
    Brief Encounters With Beautiful People: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Second ThoughtsJohn is a photographer running away. Jess is a novelist without a novel.
  12. the comics page
    Love and Art in New York City: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Gabrielle Bell’s Cecil and JordanIf a world-famous painter asked you to give drawing lessons to his 12-year-old son, what would YOU do?
  13. the comics page
    Two Acclaimed Comics Creators Team Up: Exclusive Excerpt From The Eternal SmileSo, you’ve gotten an e-mail from Prince Henry of Nigeria asking for a loan to help save the royal family. What if your life was so boring that you gave it to him?
  14. the comics page
    Love and Loss As Seen by a 5-Year-Old: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From My Mommy Is in America …Eight pages from the winner of the Essentials Prize at the 2008 Angoulême Comics Festival.
  15. the comics page
    A Private Eye and His Tea-bag Partner Take the Case: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Britten and BrülightlyPrivate eye Fernandez Britten and his … er … unconventional partner take the case of a lifetime.
  16. the comics page
    Mascara, Tongue-Kissing, and Top Gun: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From UnlovableEven if you never wore leg warmers with high heels, you’ll still recognize your teenage self in Tammy Pierce’s 1988 diary.
  17. the comics page
    Bugs, Drugs, and Talking Wizards: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Prize-Nominated Swallow Me WholeNate Powell’s book is the first graphic novel nominated for the L.A. ‘Times’ Book Prize since ‘Maus’.
  18. the comics page
    Sad Songs, Disfigurement, and Lunch Meat: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From BaloneyFollow the heartbreakingly ridiculous story of small-town butcher Baloney and his blind, one-legged, one-armed daughter.
  19. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: Oscar-Nominated Waltz With Bashir in Graphic-novel FormThis hallucinatory graphic novel was created by Ari Folman and David Polonsky simultaneously with the making of the film.
  20. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: the Heartbreaking Why I Killed PeterAn excerpt from a graphic memoir that travels well-trod territory with wit, style, and relentless honesty.
  21. the comics page
    Comics Exclusive: Check Out the New Scott Pilgrim Book!See six pages from the indie-rock comics cult hit that’s the basis for Michael Cera’s new movie.
  22. the comics page
    Literature, Self-Doubt, and Bad SexA complete (dirty!) story from the award-winning Israeli cartoonist’s new collection.
  23. the comics page
    Comics Excerpt: The Arrival Author Shaun Tan Tells Tales From Outer SuburbiaThe solemn silence of ‘The Arrival’ didn’t prepare us for the wordy whimsy of Tan’s new book.
  24. the comics page
    Giraffes, Human Shadows, and Severed Heads: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From David B.’s Nocturnal ConspiraciesSeven pages from the new graphic novel by the author of the acclaimed ‘Epileptic.’
  25. the comics page
    Exclusive Preview From the Only Comic Book Worth $125, Kramers Ergot 7Our four-page excerpt is, sadly, a little smaller than the nearly two-foot-tall originals.
  26. the comics page
    Blood, Guts and Vikings: Exclusive Excerpt From Brian Wood’s Comic ‘Northlanders’As addictive as HBO’s ‘Rome,’ if a good deal more chilly.
  27. the comics page
    Exclusive Manga Excerpt: Take a Weird Ride With Yuichi Yokoyama’s ‘Travel’A book of great beauty and mystery, and the closest you’re probably going to come to an acid trip all day.
  28. the comics page
    Veterans Day Special: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From WWII Memoir ‘Alan’s War’A funny and thoughtful graphic memoir of World War II, told through G.I. Alan Cope’s warm voice and Emmanuel Guibert’s beautiful artwork.
  29. the comics page
    Hot Lava and Cool Artwork: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Don Wood’s ‘Into the Volcano’Caldecott winner Don Wood’s first graphic novel is a gripping, gorgeously drawn adventure story.
  30. the comics page
    Happy Halloween! Read an Excerpt From This Year’s Scariest Graphic Novel, ‘Strange Embrace’Don’t be surprised if David Hine’s disturbing images invade your dreams for weeks to come.
  31. the comics page
    The Ghostbusters Finally Return — in Manga Form!At least someone’s reading our increasingly giddy ‘Ghostbusters 3’ coverage!
  32. the comics page
    The Joker Returns in Our Exclusive Excerpt From Brian Azzarello’s New Graphic NovelThe fine folks at DC Comics are no fools: They’ve brought grease-painted madman the Joker back to Gotham.
  33. the comics page
    Joe Sacco Visits Chechnya in Exclusive Comics Excerpt From Mia Kirshner’s ‘I Live Here’A new comic from the master of graphic journalism, from a new collection of stories about the world’s displaced peoples.
  34. the comics page
    Booze, Brawls, and Lost Love: Read a Complete Story by Neo-Noir Graphic Novelist Tim LaneRough-edged characters, noir-ish stories, and desperate circumstances collide in Jim Lane’s first collection of comics stories.
  35. the comics page
    Exclusive Comics Excerpt: ‘Aya of Yop City’ Explores Vibrant African Township LifePart soap opera, part comedy of manners, ‘Aya of Yop City’ presents a side of Africa that Americans rarely see.
  36. the comics page
    Look Inside the Dreams of Cartoonist David Heatley: Exclusive Excerpt From ‘My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down’David Heatley’s graphic memoir fractures his ordinary life into five extraordinarily detailed sections.
  37. the comics page
    Wedding Dresses and Suicide Bombers: Read a Complete Comics Story by Rutu Modan, the Author of ‘Exit Wounds’Rutu Modan’s new graphic novel ‘Jamilti’ continues her exploration of the intersection of the personal and political in Israel.
  38. the comics page
    Tornados and Illegals: Read an Exclusive Excerpt From Danica Novgorodoff’s ‘Slow Storm’Danica Novgorodoff’s graphic novel ‘Slow Storm’ is eerily relevant — and just plain eerie.
  39. the comics page
    The Lonely Toilet-Cleaner Dreams of a Better Life in Raymond Briggs’s Comic ‘Gentleman Jim’First released in 1980, ‘Gentleman Jim’ is one of the first graphic novels ever published in English.
  40. the comics page
    Sneak a Peek Inside the Secret World of Burma With Guy Delisle’s New ComicA cartoonist tries to visit Aung San Suu Kyi in this exclusive comics excerpt.
  41. the comics page
    Park Slope Roommate Drama: Read an Exclusive Excerpt From Brian Wood’s ‘Local’Vagabond Megan McKeenan lands in Park Slope in this story by the writer of graphic-novel favorite ‘DMZ.’
  42. the comics page
    Read Exclusive Pages From Michel Gondry’s New Comic BookThe peripatetic French director writes his first comic book.
  43. the comics page
    Life As a Valkyrie Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be: Exclusive Graphic-Novel ExcerptSee seven pages from Lauren R. Weinstein’s ‘The Goddess of War.’
  44. the comics page
    Acrobats, Edible Elephants, and the Fantastic Four: Exclusive Excerpt From Eddie Campbell’s New Graphic NovelNine pages from ‘The Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard.’
  45. the comics page
    Exclusive: See Fifteen Pages of Kyle Baker’s Brilliant Comic ‘Nat Turner’Kyle Baker’s stark history of a notorious slave rebellion has finally been collected.
  46. the comics page
    Exclusive: A New Comic by Harvey Pekar and Rick VeitchWhat’s it like to be Harvey Pekar’s next-door neighbor? Not as bad as you’d think.
  47. the comics page
    See the New Graphic Novel by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard WayBefore Gerard Way was the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, he was an aspiring animator and comic-book artist working for the Cartoon Network.
  48. the comics page
    High School, Emo, and Faeries: Exclusive Comics Excerpt From ‘Suburban Glamour’An exclusive six-page excerpt from Jamie McKelvie’s new graphic novel.
  49. last night's gig
    Pearl Jam Defy Curfew at Madison Square GardenEddie Vedder likened part of the show to being on mushrooms!
  50. chat room
    RZA on Chess, His New Album, and His Favorite Broccoli RecipesRZA raps to Vulture about inner Wu-Tang relations and the new album from Bobby Digital.
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