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The Coup

  1. backstories
    Prep for Sorry to Bother You by Watching Boots Riley’s Videos With the CoupBoots Riley’s videos double as something of a prehistory to his directorial debut.
  2. Watch Patton Oswalt Visually Interpret a Hip Hop Song Here’s comedian Patton Oswalt in a new video for the hip hop group The Coup. In it, he visually interprets their song, “The Magic Clap,” which […]
  3. interpretations
    Patton Oswalt Is Interpreting Songs NowHe did a frenetic clip for the Coup’s “The Magic Clap.”
  4. casting couch
    Pierce Brosnan Joins The CoupWith Owen Wilson.
  5. casting couch
    Owen Wilson Set for Action-Drama The CoupBusy, busy.