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  1. overnights
    The Crown Season-Finale Recap: Shut Up, PhilipWas Prince Philip involved in the Profumo affair?
  2. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Meet the KennedysA muddled heap of JFK imitations, African politics, and lessons about public grief.
  3. keeping up with the royals
    The Crown’s Matt Smith Thinks Meghan Markle’s Future Will Be Bleak“Life as she knows it is gone.”
  4. overnights
    The Crown Recap: A Woman for the Modern AgeYou don’t need to know royal history to know that Margaret’s marriage won’t go smoothly.
  5. last night on late night
    Matt Smith and Claire Foy Argue About Who Should Play Meghan Markle on The Crown“She’s playing Meghan Markle!” “No she’s not.”
  6. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Why Do You Hate the Queen?Thank goodness for Lord Altrincham.
  7. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Goode TimesWhat comes next for Princess Margaret and Tony?
  8. overnights
    The Crown Recap: The One Where Everyone ShavesAre we really supposed to sympathize with Philip?
  9. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Any Port in a StormAnybody wanna join Philip’s beard-growing competition?
  10. overnights
    The Crown Season-Premiere Recap: Batten Down the HatchesThings are not looking good for the United Kingdom.
  11. The Crown’s Second Season Is Essential TVSettle in for some sumptuous, instructive royal watching.
  12. the industry
    The Crown’s Matt Smith Has His Own Hollywood Objectification Story“This happens to men, too.”
  13. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: December 2017The Crown’s Claire Foy is back on December 8.
  14. Meghan Markle Should Play Herself on The CrownIt would be the role of her life, because it literally is her life.
  15. vulture lists
    The 7 Historical Events That Might Happen in The Crown Season TwoLet’s look at actual history to try and predict the story lines of The Crown’s second season.
  16. last night on late night
    It Took Claire Foy Months to Master Pronouncing This One Word for The CrownNever take your accent for granted, people.
  17. god save the queen
    Olivia Colman Will Succeed Claire Foy As Queen Elizabeth II on The CrownColman will take over from Claire Foy in seasons three and four of the Netflix drama.
  18. The Crown Season-Two Trailer: Claire Foy Is Back, and So Are Her GlaresThe Crown makes its royal return December 8.
  19. keeping up with the royals
    The Crown Showrunner Hopes Queen Elizabeth Never Watches It“I don’t want them to feel disappointed.”
  20. keeping up with the royals
    Claire Foy Wants to See the Receipts for Queen Elizabeth Watching The Crown“I will believe it when I see it.”
  21. keeping up with the royals
    Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Quite Likes The CrownWhat a lady.
  22. keeping up with the royals
    The Crown Got a Massive Seal of Approval From a British Royal“You feel very proud to watch it.”
  23. vulture lists
    7 Netflix Shows That Are Too Dang LongHouse of Cards, The Crown, and five more Netflix shows that need to kill their darlings.
  24. across the pond
    Unlike The Crown, Victoria Won’t Be Recasting Its Queen Anytime SoonJenna Coleman’s in it for the long run.
  25. casting couch
    Michael C. Hall Cast As JFK in Netflix’s The CrownQuarry actress Jodi Balfour will be his Jackie.
  26. Lithgow on If Churchill Was Alive TodayHe likely wouldn’t be very pleased.
  27. casting couch
    Matthew Goode Lands Season Two The Crown RoleVery Goode casting choice.
  28. golden globes 2017
    The Crown’s Claire Foy on Her Golden Globe Nom“My agent called and told me and I laughed out loud.”
  29. The Stories Behind the Crowns of The CrownThe real stars of the show.
  30. overnights
    The Crown Season-Finale Recap: Duty Prevails“Gloriana” does its best to build Elizabeth’s decision as a real crisis.
  31. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Painting Mr. ChurchillWhy does “Assassins” focus so heavily on Winston Churchill?
  32. close reads
    The Crown and How TV Changed Our View of LeadershipWhile Elizabeth works endlessly, tirelessly, to represent her country, Margaret is the one the press loves. 
  33. overnights
    The Crown Recap: The Absence of Noise“Pride & Joy” lays out dueling visions of the British monarchy.
  34. overnights
    The Crown Recap: A Good Dressing DownWhat can Queen Elizabeth II actually do?
  35. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Much AdoIt’s time, at last, to dig into the Princess Margaret drama.
  36. Vanessa Kirby and Jared Harris on The Crown“You see these people with this incredible life, but actually none of it is theirs.”
  37. overnights
    The Crown Recap: Coronation Day“Smoke and Mirrors” is the first truly standout episode of The Crown.
  38. overnights
    The Crown Recap: The Great SmogA true-to-life London tragedy offers no easy narrative in “Act of God.”
  39. chat room
    John Lithgow on Wearing ‘Blobs’ on His Teeth to Talk Like Winston Churchill“It’s like the classiest soap opera ever created.”
  40. party chat
    Crown’s Queen Had a Secret Zipper on Her CostumeShe had a 4-month-old to nurse!
  41. overnights
    The Crown Recap: The Duke of WindsorAs a costume drama, The Crown is an absolute dream.
  42. overnights
    The Crown Recap: It’s Not a HatRegnal name or not, Elizabeth is still Elizabeth.
  43. overnights
    The Crown Series Premiere Recap: All the Princess’s Men“Wolferton Splash” is defined by the male influences in Elizabeth’s life.
  44. tv review
    Netflix’s The Crown Is Tedious, But Anglophiles Will Like ItIt features a perfect assortment of character actors in historical roles. 
  45. history lessons
    See How the Actors on The Crown Compare to Their Real-Life CounterpartsGet your facts straight.
  46. and we'll never be royals
    Why Should I Care About Queen Elizabeth II, Star of Netflix’s The Crown?At first glance, she’s an odd monarch to put at the center of a potentially massive, hideously expensive, lavish historical TV show.
  47. tca 2016
    How Do Royals Feel About Netflix’s The Crown?The upcoming series depicts the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.