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The Dallas Buyers Club

  1. movies
    How to Go on the Matthew McConaughey DietSmall meals, southern accent.
  2. party chat
    Jared Leto Is Basically StarvingFor his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club.
  3. casting couch
    Jared Leto Cast Alongside Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s ClubAs an HIV-positive cross-dresser.
  4. casting couch
    Jennifer Garner May Join The Dallas Buyers ClubAlongside a scarily slim Matthew McConaughey.
  5. body modification
    Matthew McConaughey, in Sickness and in HealthHe’s dropped weight for his new movie. Let’s also look at pictures of him shirtless and eating.
  6. weight loss
    Matthew McConaughey Heard How Much You Dig His BodAnd made a wild change.
  7. the industry
    Crime Does Not Pay for T.I., Other Than the Salary for His New MoviePlus: Diablo Cody’s series is headed to Showtime, and the Farley name lives on.