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The Darjeeling Limited

  1. How To Make Your Own Wes Anderson SoundtrackYou can do it yourself, even if you only have the rights to stock music.
  2. superfan quiz
    Take Vulture’s Wes Anderson Superfan QuizFifty questions to test how fantastic of a fan you are.
  3. lists
    New Yorker Editor Chooses His Best Movies of the DecadeMcLovin isn’t in a single one!
  4. wes anderson
    Wes Anderson: ‘Why Was Slumdog a Hit and Not Darjeeling?’“Why did this India movie become a big hit and mine didn’t?”
  5. apropos of nothing
    Which Awards-Bait Movies Are Actually Making Money?Answer: Hardly any!
  6. tube junkie
    Owen Wilson’s First Post-Suicide-Attempt Interview Solidifies Actor’s Stance on MonkeysPosted on MySpace on Friday night, the Q&A steers clear of Wilson’s personal crisis and instead focuses on pertinent topics like India, monkeys, and malaria pills.
  7. ranters and ravers
    Boring Film Critic Astonishes Us With Trio of Hatchet JobsFans of Rex Reed’s usual nap-inducing work as a film critic for the Observer are bound to be disappointed by today’s eminently readable triple-takedown of three movies featured at this year’s New York Film Festival.
  8. tube junkie
    Wes Anderson’s New Commercials As Quirky, Similar As his MoviesLike most of his films, Anderson’s six ads are idiosyncratic, share basically the same premise, and differ only in specific details — but they’re still pretty great!
  9. the early-evening news
    Spider-Man to Play RobotBjörk to release new album, Charlotte Gainsbourg doing just swell, etc.
  10. countdown
    Wes Anderson’s ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ to Stink?Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited made its debut at the Venice Film Festival over the weekend and the early word is, well, not very good.
  11. trailer mix
    ‘The Darjeeling Limited’: Wes Anderson Rearranges the FurnitureCritics have already accused Wes Anderson of making the same movie over and over again, and if there’s one thing we learned from this new trailer for his forthcoming The Darjeeling Limited, it’s that he doesn’t read his reviews.
  12. the industry
    Okay, Okay, Peter Jackson Has Excellent Taste in ActorsRyan Gosling Joins Lovely Bones: Ryan Gosling will play the murdered girl’s father in Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, joining the already-cast Rachel Weisz. We’re throwing up our hands; Jackson seems determined to make a really good movie and damn the box-office consequences. God bless him.