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The Dark Knight

  1. vulture lists
    Christopher Nolan Movies, Ranked by Whether I’d Risk My Life to See ThemWould I, like most of the women in Nolan’s movies, die for cinema?
  2. vulture lists
    All 10 Christopher Nolan Movies, RankedFiguring out which of the director’s films were the masterpieces, and which were merely near-masterpieces.
  3. vulture lists
    Every Christian Bale Movie, RankedFrom iconic superheroes to smiling psychopaths, a look at the famously intense actor’s career.
  4. vulture lists
    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the new Birds of Prey, which films stand above the rest?
  5. i am the batman
    Of Course Donald Trump Thought Christian Bale Was Bruce WayneAnother strange cameo.
  6. oral histories
    An Oral History of The Dark Knight’s Pencil TrickNo CGI, but a few bouts of unconsciousness.
  7. Watch Christian Bale’s Weight Change Drastically Over 12 RolesFrom American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman to Vice’s Dick Cheney.
  8. Tom Hardy Needs To Learn How To EnunciateIt makes you want to turn on the subtitles.
  9. dueling jokers
    Who Is the More Genuinely Upsetting Joker: Joaquin Phoenix or Tommy Wiseau?What if they made a Joker movie that had, like, double Jokers?
  10. film
    Christopher Nolan Is Taking a Stand Against How His Movies Look on Your TVYou may never how good Dunkirk actually was.
  11. The Best Supervillains Are Relatable Ones▶️ Three-dimensional villains with a sense of purpose are rare in superhero movies.
  12. movie trailers
    Bwoom! Bwah! Thwip! How a Handful of Sound Effects Took Over Movie TrailersAs sound editors explain, movie trailers are a copycat business.
  13. political fictions
    Obama Compared ISIS to Heath Ledger’s JokerAccording to a profile on his foreign policy.
  14. critiques
    Bale Wasn’t Completely Stoked With His Batman“I didn’t quite nail it.”
  15. the kardashians
    Some Kardashians Just Want to Watch the World BurnKylie Jenner is an agent of chaos.
  16. candy
    K&P Shows How Hard It is to Have an OpinionOoookay.
  17. na na na na bat-man!
    Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello Are Writing a New Batman ComicNa-na-na-na-na-na Mill-er!
  18. movie homages
    Watch The Incredibles Trailer As If Christopher Nolan Had Made It“You can’t count on anyone.”
  19. brief history
    NSA, CIA, FBI, Everyone — A Timeline of Surveillance in the MoviesSorry, NSA. The movies beat you to the punch.
  20. clickables
    Watch Everything Wrong With The Dark KnightNitpicking to the max.
  21. the dark knight
    Watch The Dark Knight As a Romantic Comedy TrailerA hilarious romp through Gotham City!
  22. video
    Vulture Examines Christopher Nolan’s ‘Funniest’ ScenesWhy so serious, Christopher Nolan?
  23. refresher course
    Four Things to Remember About Dark Knight RisesThere are some essential characters you’ll need a quick reminder about.
  24. vulture scavenger
    46 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Batman FilmsIn our latest edition of Vulture Scavenger, we waded through all six modern Batman films and accompanying materials.
  25. the dark knight
    Watch an Honest Trailer for The Dark Knight“From director Christopher Nolan, who prompts fanboy boners from whatever he touches … ” Touché.
  26. vertigo
    Vertigo Music With Dark Knight FootageHitchcock: always watching.
  27. breaking records
    The Avengers Is Now the Third Highest-Grossing Film EverBehind Titanic and Avatar.
  28. superheroes
    Joel Schumacher Thinks Val Kilmer Is the Best BatmanAnd Schumacher wishes he’d made ‘Dark Knight.’
  29. clickables
    See Exclusive Art From DC Comics’ Batman #1The Dark Knight rises again with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.
  30. summer movies 2011
    How Vulnerable Are Superheroes’ Crotches? A Vulture InvestigationWe look for dangerous signs of vulnerability, because evil has no better ally than a wide-open crotch.
  31. movies
    As The Dark Knight Recedes, Have Superheroes Gotten Happy Again?’Thor,’ ‘Green Lantern,’ and ‘Captain America’ have turned their backs on the downbeat superheroics of ‘The Dark Knight.’
  32. clickables
    Watch ‘The Batman Complex,’ a Christian Bale–Inception Mash-Up“Yes it can — I’ve done it before.”
  33. slideshow
    Rubber’s Psychotic Tire, and Nine Other Murderous Inanimate ObjectsKiller plants, icicles, and pencils.
  34. theories
    See How Superhero Movie Trailers Are Always Better in Another LanguageNo more distractingly cheesy dialogue, just mysterious words that could be well-written for all we know.
  35. batman returns
    Christopher Nolan’s Next Batman Movie Gets a Name’The Dark Knight Rises.’ Plus, it’s Riddler-free.
  36. baseless rumors
    Made-Up Batman 3 Casting Rumors: A HistoryEddie Murphy! Shia LaBeouf! Cher! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, now, too!
  37. batman
    Batman Sets a DateChristopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ followup on July 20, 2012.
  38. how can i stay mad at you?
    8 Super-Villains Who Have a Good Excuse For EvilMolestation, abandonment as children, the Holocaust … they’ve all got excuses.
  39. inception
    Christopher Nolan’s Inception Poster Goes Down a Familiar StreetIt looks like the ‘Dark Knight’ one.
  40. superman
    Christopher Nolan to Save Superman, Get to Work on Batman 3Get excited, fans of rebooted things!
  41. batman
    Dark Knight 2 Finally UnderwayNikki Finke says scribes David Goyer and Jonah Nolan have started the screenplay for the third Christopher Nolan–directed Batman film.
  42. lies
    Cher Replaced As Catwoman’The Sun’ reports that Megan Fox will play Catwoman in the next Batman movie, which means she almost certainly won’t.
  43. imaginariums
    Inception: The Imaginarium of Christopher Nolan?Want to know the plot of Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ follow-up?
  44. batman
    Christian Bale Obligated to Make Batman 3 Even If Warner Bros. Brings Back Joel Schumacher“The fact is, I have to! I’ve signed up! Chris [Nolan] doesn’t.”
  45. kudos
    Vulture’s Final Oscar Predictions: the Exciting CategoriesWant to lose $10 in your Oscar pool? Bet on these!
  46. drama
    Will Heath Ledger’s Oscar Also Mysteriously Vanish Somewhere Over Guam?Let’s hope Kim Ledger isn’t flying Ajira Airways!
  47. advice
    Vulture’s Post-Oscar Career PlannerWhat wisdom do we hope this year’s nominees, snubbed hopefuls, and breakout stars take away from one of the most exciting awards races in recent memory?
  48. kudos
    Matilda Ledger Will Have to Cross Miles of Red Tape If She Ever Wants Her OscarGet ready for a Lucci-esque waiting period!
  49. backlash
    The Bagger Bags BaleDavid Carr’s got a theory on why Christian Bale growled so much in ‘The Dark Knight’.
  50. kudos
    The Oscar Nominations: Harvey Weinstein Beats BatmanWith ‘The Reader’s’ strong showing this morning, is Harvey today’s biggest surprise winner?
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