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The Day The Earth Stood Still

  1. The 15 Best Robot Movies of All TimeEver since the early years of cinema — even before the term “robot” was coined, in fact — the movies have been obsessed with them.
  2. in your face willow
    Will Smith Chooses Favorite Acting OffspringWill specifically demanded that his ‘Seven Pounds’ not hit theaters on the same day as ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ which stars his 10-year-old son, Jaden.
  3. whoa
    Vulture’s Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu ReevesComplete with our patented Kean-u-meter™!
  4. trailer mix
    ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ Trailer: This Time, Gort Means BusinessIt looks more like a prequel to ‘The Road’ than Spielberg’s cheery-by-comparison ‘War of the Worlds’ remake.
  5. apropos of nothing
    If ‘Maxim’ Can Review Things Sight Unseen, So Can VultureHow is the Justice League movie anyway?
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    Marion Cotillard Gets a Date With Johnny DeppPlus industry news on Beyoncé, Robert Redford, and Gnarls Barkley.
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    Commence Shrieking: Zac Efron Is Back for ‘Senior Year’!Plus Vanessa Hudgens, fellas, relax.
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    Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves Stop the WorldPlus industry news about Radiohead, Sheryl Crow, and the Decemberists.
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    Keanu Reeves to ‘Stand Still’The Cure, Donal Logue, and monkeys!
  10. countdown
    Harry Potter Theory of the Day: Harry Is a HorcruxTheory: Harry himself is one of the seven Horcruxes in which Voldemort has stored fragments of his soul.