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  1. TBS Renews ‘The Detour’ for a Fourth SeasonJason Jones and Samantha Bee’s TBS comedy The Detour will return for another season. The network just announced that it’s handed out a season 4 […]
  2. Jason Jones on ‘The Detour,’ Politics, and Making It in the StatesIn his show The Detour, Jason Jones plays the dad in a family that is constantly trying to evade capture from some authority or government […]
  3. How The Detour Destroyed Six Snowmobiles While Shooting One EpisodeJason Jones, co-creator and star of the TBS sitcom, discusses the season three premiere’s destructive opening bit.
  4. Watch the Season 3 Trailer for TBS’s ‘The Detour’TBS just dropped the trailer for the upcoming season of Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s series The Detour ahead of its premiere next month. […]
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    Natalie Zea: My ‘Crazy’ Detour Character Is Making Me a Worse Mom“I’ve gotten a talking-to a couple times for being a little too candid with my daughter, who is 2.”
  6. Jason Jones Advises Against Looking to Hollywood for Heroes“It’s not good to put stock in a celebrity. Enjoy their work, but know their lives are fucked up.”
  7. Season 3 of ‘The Detour’ Premieres on TBS in JanuaryTBS has set the season 3 premiere date for Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s The Detour. Deadline reports that the show, which was renewed back in […]
  8. TBS Renews Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s ‘The Detour’ for a Third SeasonJason Jones and Samantha Bee’s TBS show just got a season renewal. The network announced today that it’s given The Detour starring Jones and […]
  9. On ‘The Detour’ with Jason JonesJason Jones doesn’t look at his new TV role on The Detour as much of a departure from his days as a correspondent for The Daily Show. In fact, […]
  10. Season 2 of ‘The Detour’ Premieres on TBS in FebruaryTBS just announced the season 2 premiere date for Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s comedy The Detour. The new season will debut on the network […]
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    Samantha Bee on Full Frontal and The Detour“I play Jason’s mother and so just digest that.”
  12. Natalie Zea Takes a ‘Detour’ Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s new comedy series The Detour premiered earlier this month on TBS to great reviews. The show, which airs Monday […]
  13. ‘The Detour’ Is a Surprising, Fun, and Filthy Take on the Family Sitcom Recently in the sitcom world, there has been an influx of successful family comedies. It’s not that the family comedy ever really went out of […]
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    TBS Renews The Detour Before Its PremiereAnother win for the household of Jason Jones and Samantha Bee.
  15. TBS Renews Jason Jones and Samantha Bee’s ‘The Detour’ Ahead of Its Season […]Samantha Bee just got a big renewal for Full Frontal, but that’s not the only good Bee-related news at TBS this week. The network announced […]
  16. Here’s a Sneak Peek of TBS’s New Comedy ‘The Detour’ Starring Jason JonesNow that Samantha Bee has settled into her new job at TBS, it’s time for her husband and fellow Daily Show alum to make his debut as well. […]