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The Eagles

  1. my single is dropping
    Ringo Starr’s New Quarantine Music Is a Gathering of Over 10 You Can Support“Here’s to the Nights” features Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Dave Grohl, and a cute video diary.
  2. songwriters hall of fame
    Missy Elliott Will Be the First Female Rapper in Songwriters Hall of FameAlso inducted: Yusuf/Cat Stevens and the author of “The Boy Is Mine.”
  3. respect the classics
    Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh’s BFF Ascension: A TimelineThe cute story of a Beatle and an Eagle.
  4. music
    The Eagles Fly Off With Michael Jackson’s Record for Top-Selling AlbumBut Thriller still has its own 13 Going on 30 scene, an accomplishment that can never be outdone.
  5. lawsuits
    The Eagles Are Suing a Place Called Hotel CaliforniaThe 11-room establishment purports to be the inspiration for the massively popular song.
  6. music festivals
    Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles Are Headlining the Next Big Baby-Boomer FestivalClassic West and Classic East are coming this summer.
  7. kennedy center honors
    Here Are Your 2016 Kennedy Center HonoreesAl Pacino, Mavis Staples, and more.
  8. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Thanks the Eagles’ Glenn FreyAww.
  9. take it easy
    Why Glenn Frey Was the True Leader of the EaglesBob Seger says so of the recently departed Eagle, and you know, we’ve gotta agree.
  10. vulture lists
    32 Reasons Why the Eagles Are the Best Band in the Universe30. “The Disco Strangler”’s lacerating guitar lick.
  11. quote machine
    At the Nadir of His Career, Jason Bateman Would Have Accepted a Role in Your School PlayPlus quotes from Paul Thomas Anderson, Helen Mirren, and Guillermo Del Toro.
  12. kudos
    Which Terrible Artist Will Sweep Tomorrow’s Grammy Nominations?The Grammy nominations will be announced tomorrow morning, and everybody’s speculating over who they’ll go to, even though we’ve never, in our entire lives, met anyone who gets even a little excited about the Grammys.
  13. apropos of nothing
    ‘Billboard’ Bends the Rules for Greatest Band in the UniverseIn a move likely designed to deny Britney Spears her only possible personal victory of 2007, Billboard made a last-minute change to the way it tallies album sales, allowing Vulture’s Beatles the Eagles to claim the top spot on this week’s chart (Britney came in second).
  14. leak of the week
    Leaked: The Eagles’ ‘Long Road Out of Eden’ Not Quite As Good As We’d HopedSo bad it might give your iPod cancer.
  15. the industry
    Ricky Gervais Announces His ‘Retirement’Plus industry news on Kanye West, Peter Bjorn and John, and Mark Twain.