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The Empire Strikes Back

  1. Every Star Wars Movie, RankedFrom The Phantom Menace to The Last Jedi.
  2. Star Wars Planets, RankedFinally, an answer to the immortal question: Coruscant or Tatooine?
  3. The Story Behind Han Solo’s Line ‘I Know’ in The Empire Strikes BackThe dialogue wasn’t improvised, as is widely believed.
  4. star wars viii
    Adam Driver Says Star Wars VIII Is Like EmpireDriver is really into the script.
  5. Every Star Wars Lightsaber, Ranked From Worst to BestAn elegant listicle for a civilized age.
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    Mickey Mouse Appeared in Empire Strikes BackHis silhouette, anyway.
  7. vulture lists
    The Thirteen Greatest Caves in Movie HistoryHave you ever noticed that a cave is pretty much never not significant in a movie?
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    Empire Strikes Back Director Irvin Kershner DiesIrvin Kershner is dead at 87.
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    See How The Empire Strikes Back Was Spoiled Two Years EarlyThe man who played Darth Vader appeared to tell fans the surprise ending to ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ two years before it was released.
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    Star Wars’ Ice Planet of Hoth Actually a Coke DenWell, Carrie Fisher admits to on-set cocaine use, anyway.
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    10 Movie Planets We’re Glad We Don’t Live OnAnthea! LV-426! Spengo!