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The End Of The Tour

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    What’s New on Amazon Prime: March 2016American Psycho! The End of the Tour! Orphan Black!
  2. the awards insider
    Jason Segel on End of the Tour Awards, Realness“There was a lot of talk, Why would Jason Segel be right for this part? But there are ways I am uniquely suited to play David Foster Wallace.”
  3. party chat
    How Jason Segel Feels a Kinship With the Late David Foster WallaceThere’s more than meets the eye.
  4. On End of the Tour, Trainwreck, and JournalismThe weirdness of the writer-subject relationship.
  5. movie review
    The End of the Tour Is Like Spending Two Hours With David Foster WallaceThe film is essentially a two-character piece in which every exchange is boldface, fraught.
  6. video
    Watch Jason Segel’s David Foster Wallace Discuss the Allure of AlanisEven the leading intellectual light of his day was into the “You Oughta Know” singer.
  7. legacies
    The Rewriting of David Foster WallaceHow the author of Infinite Jest became the center of a self-help cult.
  8. party chats
    Jason Segel’s Advice on How to Read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest“You have to read it in doses.”
  9. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on His New Play The Spoils“In this new play, I set out to create a character that does horrible things but whom I can relate to.”
  10. Jason Segel Reveals His David Foster Wallace Syllabus at BookCon“Truly, I didn’t know a book could have that effect on me viscerally.”
  11. trailer mix
    Jason Segel Becomes DFW in The End of the TourOpposite Jesse Eisenberg.
  12. sundance 2015
    Sundance Review: DFW Biopic The End of the TourWhen he first appeared onscreen, I worried.
  13. sundance 2015
    Sundance: Segel’s Wallace Already Has Oscar Buzz“Transformative.”
  14. non-endorsements
    David Foster Wallace Estate Comes Out Against the Jason Segel Biopic(They saw that picture.)
  15. Jason Segel to Play David Foster Wallace in a BiopicJason Segel has been cast as late author David Foster Wallace in an upcoming film called The End of the Tour, The Wrap reports. The movie is […]
  16. in production
    The David Foster Wallace Movie Is HappeningThe End of the Tour will star Jason Segel as the writer.