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  1. Talking to Matt Jones about ‘Mom,’ ‘The Farm,’ and the Final Season of […]Best known for his role as Badger, Jesse Pinkman’s longtime friend and on-again-off-again drug-dealing lackey, Matt Jones brings a welcome dose […]
  2. ‘The Farm’: Why ‘The Office’s Backdoor Pilot Didn’t WorkSometimes TV shows drag their unfunny feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we cry in vain. Other times, the powers […]
  3. overnights
    The Office Recap: When We ArriveNBC tries to salvage a failed spinoff. They shouldn’t have bothered.
  4. ‘The Office’s Abandoned Dwight Spin-off ‘The Farm’ Is Airing This Thursday If you’ve ever wondered what a show centered on The Office’s Dwight Schrute would look like, you’ll get your chance to find out this […]
  5. ‘The Office’s Dwight Spin-off Is Confirmed to Air This Season as an […]A couple months ago, Rainn Wilson announced that NBC wasn’t moving ahead with The Farm, the spin-off of The Office based around his character […]
  6. repurposing
    The Office’s Ill-Fated Dwight Spinoff Will Air Its Pilot This SeasonYou’ll get a glimpse at The Farm after all.
  7. NBC President Talks Comedy Changes: ‘The Farm,’ ‘Parks and Rec,’ […]This has been a transitional season for NBC’s comedy department, with the network seemingly abandoning developing hip young shows like Parks […]
  8. Why the Sitcom Spinoff Isn’t Coming BackIn today’s TV industry, odds are you won’t see Schimdt Happens or Being Barney.
  9. NBC Doesn’t Buy ‘The Farm’; The Dwight Schrute ‘Office’ Spin-Off Is DeadRainn Wilson announced yesterday via Twitter that NBC has opted not to pick-up The Farm, the spin-off of The Office based around his character […]
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    Rainn Wilson’s Office Spinoff Is DeadNBC passed on the show.
  11. Highlights from Rainn Wilson’s Reddit AMA: Mistakes on Last Season of ‘The […]The Office’s Rainn Wilson logged onto Reddit for an AMA question-and-answer session with fans yesterday. In it, he reflected honestly on The […]
  12. Mose to Live (and Die?) on ‘The Farm’MOSE!!! TV’s greatest character ever to have a name that rhymes with “hose” is officially going to be on The Farm. While The Farm was filling […]
  13. Dwight’s Family Continues to GrowTom Bower has been cast to play the Schrute’s great uncle Heinrich on The Farm. He is described as charming and manipulative and possibly a […]
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    The Nazi Uncle in Rainn Wilson’s Office Spinoff Finally CastIt’s Die Hard 2’s Tom Bower.
  15. Thomas Middleditch to Play Dwight’s Younger BroThomas Middleditch, who recently can be seen doing a Southern accent in The Campaign has a very extensive improv background, performing at IO, […]
  16. casting couch
    Dwight Schrute’s Brother Cast for The FarmThe name’s Thomas Middleditch.
  17. Dwight Schrute Has a SisterThis is Majandra Delfino, the actress cast to play Fannie Schrute on The Farm. Fannie is Dwight’s “pseudo-intellectual lefty” younger sister. […]
  18. Meet the SchrutesThey’ve begun casting for The Farm, the new Dwight Office spin-off. TVLine has learned the show will have a test-run as an episode in the next […]
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    Meet the Schrute Family From Rainn Wilson’s Office Spinoff Including a Bigfoot-hunting pothead brother and Nazi great uncle.
  20. Dwight’s Spinoff & Mindy Kaling’s Pilot Are Taking Their Toll on The OfficeBig shakeups are about to hit Dunder Mifflin. Paul Lieberstein will likely exit as showrunner next year, the better to focus on the […]