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The Fast And The Furious

  1. familia
    Fast and Furious 10 Cruises to April 2023 Release DateJustin Lin will direct the penultimate film.
  2. hollywood thanks you vin diesel
    F9 Supercharged the Box Office With a $70 Million Opening WeekendKind of makes those remarks about ending the franchise after F11 seem worth revisiting, huh, Vin Diesel?
  3. cars go smash
    A Desperate Attempt to Make Sense of Life, Death, and the Fast FamilyNotes on F9, and incest, from someone who hasn’t seen any of the other movies.
  4. role call
    Chad Lindberg Answers Every Question We Have About The Fast and the FuriousOn the 20th anniversary of the unlikely start of the now-monster franchise, the actor thinks it’s time to #BringJesseBack.
  5. the fast and the furious
    F9’s Space Scenes Began as a Joke. Then NASA Got Involved.Can a Pontiac Fiero survive in the stratosphere? Don’t worry, director Justin Lin checked.
  6. character guide
    Every Member of the Fast & Furious Family Invited to the F9 CookoutYes, Han is back.
  7. cardi be acting
    Cardi B Is Coming Back for F10Only dimes in F10.
  8. trailer mix
    We Hope Their Family Sprung for Car Insurance in the F9 TrailerBut does it cover … space?
  9. vroom vroom
    Vin Diesel’s Son Will Play Young Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9It’s about family.
  10. movies
    Fast & Furious Franchise to Drive Into the Sunset After Two More FilmsJustin Lin will likely direct.
  11. movies
    F9 Pushes Release Date for Coronavirus, Justice for Han Delayed Until Next YearProtect the Family.
  12. trailer mix
    Listen Don’t Panic But the F9 Trailer Has a Shocking TwistAnd we don’t mean Charlize Theron’s bowl cut.
  13. #metoo
    The Fast and the Furious Director Rob Cohen Accused of Sexual AssaultA woman claims Cohen assaulted her in a hotel room while she was unconscious.
  14. vulture lists
    Every Fast & Furious Movie, RankedHere’s how a Vin Diesel–less Hobbs & Shaw stacks up against the rest of the franchise.
  15. beefs
    Dave Bautista Won’t Be Fast or Furious in the Foreseeable Future“Thanks for your consideration …”
  16. swole news
    John Cena Is Officially Bringing So Many More Muscles to Fast & Furious 9Instead of driving cars, maybe Cena can just pick them up and hit people with them.
  17. pizza parties
    When The Rock Needs to Carb Up, He Eats an Entire PizzaAnd one with pineapple, no less!
  18. castings
    Fan Yourself: Idris Elba Joins the Rock, Jason Statham in Fast and Furious MovieThe Fast and the Furious: BDE.
  19. family
    Fast and Furious Cartoon Explodes Through Wall, Drifts Into Netflix QueueOr as DreamWorks should call it, Teenage Mutant Tony Toretto.
  20. feuds
    Tyrese Now Threatening to Quit Fast and Furious 9 If the Rock Returns“Spin off these nuts selfish champ…”
  21. family feud
    Tyrese Is Still in a One-Sided Instagram Fight With the Rock“#FastFamily right? Nah ….. it’s about #TeamDewayne.”
  22. the fast and the furious
    Tyrese Begs Dwayne Johnson Not to Delay Fast 9 in a Very Public Instagram RantDon’t these stars have another way of getting in touch with each other?
  23. the more you know
    Charlie Puth Fought His Ass Off to Be in That Popular Furious 7 SongHe “wasn’t cool enough.”
  24. ultimatums
    Rodriguez Threatens to Leave Fast Franchise If Women Don’t Get Better Parts“I hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise.”
  25. literally strong female characters
    Dear Hollywood, Please Give Michelle Rodriguez Her Own Action FranchiseAfter almost 20 years in supporting roles, it’s her time for solo stardom.
  26. infinite franchises
    An Extended Fast and Furious Universe Is Forming Around the Rock, Jason StathamWe’ll finally know how many muscles can fit onscreen at one time.
  27. justice for han
    Fate of the Furious Writer Says Han Did Die, But That Doesn’t Mean He’s Gone“I can tell you this: We will definitely be talking more about Han.”
  28. fight scenes
    No One Ever Loses a Fight in the Fast and the Furious FranchiseWhen the Furious A-listers face off, things have a way of ending in a tie.
  29. for the furious curious
    The Confused Helen Mirren Fan’s Guide to Watching The Fate of the FuriousFor the Helen Mirren fans who’ve never seen a Fast and Furious movie before, here’s brief guide to what you’re getting into.
  30. backstories
    Everything We’ve Learned About Dom Toretto in 8 Fast and Furious MoviesA primer on that human wrecking ball with a code.
  31. sequels forever
    Vin Diesel Teases New York–Based Sequel Fast 8“New roads ahead.”
  32. the industry
    Fast and Furious Will Get a Shared Universe, TooUniversal is developing prequels and spinoffs for the series.
  33. the industry
    Vin Diesel Hints That the Fast and Furious Franchise Might Actually End“I promised the studio I would deliver one last Trilogy to end the saga.”
  34. the industy
    Jason Statham Proves No One Ever Leaves the Fast and Furious FranchiseOwen Shaw will ride again.
  35. summer movie preview
    15 Ways to Destroy Your Car in the Fast and Furious MoviesAs part of our Summer Movie Preview, we’ve compiled a retrospective of gnarly and memorable crashes from the franchise.
  36. you can’t fire me - i quit
    Justin Lin Will Not Direct Fast & Furious 7 He’s directed the last four Fast movies.
  37. supercuts
    Watch a Supercut of All the Gear Shifts in Fast and Furious MoviesCongratulations! You never have to see The Fast and the Furious.
  38. sequels
    Universal Dips Back Into the Fast and Furious WellThe lucrative franchise is back for a fifth installment.
  39. the industry
    Can Anyone Replace This Man?Plus: News about Christian Bale!