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  1. videology
    Watch the Flaming Lips’ New ‘The Castle’ VideoTheir new album is due out January 13, 2017
  2. sad christmas songs
    Miley Cyrus Has a Sad Christmas Song, TooShe just couldn’t be left out, could she?
  3. miley cyrus & her dead petz
    Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Amazing Technicolor Dream Body in a Trippy New VideoShe’s naked (of course) and Wayne Coyne co-directed the video (of course).
  4. what are clothes?
    The Flaming Lips’s Wayne Coyne: Come Get Naked With Me, My Band, and Miley CyrusIt’ll be for Miley’s “The Milky Milky Milk” video.
  5. radio vulture
    Miley Cyrus’s Dead Petz Is Hard to Like, or Even EndureSongs meander and build to nothing. Melodies sag. Themes (weed; sex; the universeman) recur so frequently that it’s often hard to distinguish one track from the next.
  6. collaboration station
    Miley Cyrus’s Album With the Flaming Lips Is Going to Sound Like a Hangover“We text every day.”
  7. Watch Fred Armisen Try Out to Be Lead Singer of The Flaming LipsHere’s a new Funny Or Die video in which Fred Armisen auditions to take over as lead singer of The Flaming Lips and takes the band through […]
  8. miley in the sky with diamonds
    Here Is a Picture of Miley Cyrus Rolling a JointOf course.
  9. profile
    The Defiantly Weird Wayne Coyne Gets DarkHis new album with the Flaming Lips, The Terror, is a jagged, dyspeptic ramble of hypnotic beats spiked with psychedelic echoes and atonal bleats
  10. collaborations
    The Flaming Lips Are Making a Whole Album With Ke$haIt’s called Lip$ha.
  11. resemblances
    Is This Baby in the New Flaming Lips Video Actually Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon? Oh, most definitely. 
  12. announcements
    There’s a New Flaming Lips Album On the WayIt is “bleak” and “disturbing” and whatnot.
  13. the flaming lips
    Flaming Lips The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceAlso, less blood. So that’s nice.
  14. the flaming lips
    Listen to a Ke$ha–Flaming Lips CollaborationGrab some Advil — you’re going to need it.
  15. fwends
    A Flaming Lips, Ke$ha, and Biz Markie Collaboration Is HappeningSure, why not?
  16. the flaming lips
    The Flaming Lips Musical Is Still Happening, But Without Aaron SorkinIt’ll debut this year.
  17. party chat
    Vulture Hangs at the Tibet House Concert With the Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne“He’s a weirdo and he’s nice and he’s crazy and he’s musical and he’s got his own way of doing things.”
  18. clickables
    Attempt the Flaming Lips’ Latest Musical Experiment, ‘Two Blobs F-cking’Sadly, Blob Fish is not involved.
  19. homages
    Akon Rips Off the Flaming LipsThe Flaming Lips invented the “float on top of the crowd in a giant ball” move.
  20. clickables
    Watch the Flaming Lips’ Furry-Filled Yo Gabba Gabba PerformanceWayne Coyne nails the almost-menacing Willy Wonka act.
  21. clickables
    Watch Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips Paint a Poster With His Own BloodWe screamed unexpectedly at the 24-second mark.
  22. clickables
    See the Flaming Lips’ New Video, ‘The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine’Alas, there are no sparrows at all.
  23. music
    See the Flaming Lips’ Naked New Video, ‘See the Leaves’There once was a girl who sat in a stream and ate yellow animation that dripped from a giant vulvic ball.
  24. music
    See Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips Crowd-Surf in a Plastic BubbleCentral Park, July 2010. Were you there?
  25. At Bonnaroo, Kings of Leon Play a Pensive Set; Kid Cudi Performs Despite ArrestNews from Tennessee.
  26. music
    Watch the Flaming Lips’ Odd New Music Video, ‘Powerless’Warning: The ending is not as satisfying as you’d hope.
  27. the flaming lips
    The Flaming Lips to Tour With Dark SideWayne Coyne’s crew are bringing their Pink Floyd homage to you.
  28. bathrooms
    See Wayne Coyne’s Awesome Bathroom“Customized seats in the bathing pods tub portion, sculpted around [Coyne] and wife while they sat.”
  29. wayne coyne
    Why Yes, That Is Wayne Coyne in That Bathtub on Google Street ViewEagle-eyed users of Google Maps Street View spotted the Flaming Lips leader sitting nude in a bathtub on the lawn outside his Oklahoma City home.
  30. right-click
    The Flaming Lips Get Weird, AgainTwo new songs, from this September’s ‘Embryonic,’ are here.
  31. quote machine
    Christian Bale Is Not Too Good for the Terminator Franchise, ThankyouverymuchPlus: Paris Hilton continues to be misunderstood.
  32. beef
    Wayne Coyne Squashes Beef With Arcade FireSays Coyne: “I really feel bad about it. I like enough of their music. The idea that I’m somehow against them … I’m not!”
  33. politics
    Victory: Flaming Lips Triumph Over Oklahoma RepublicansOklahoma governor Brad Henry is expected to sign an executive order tomorrow naming the Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize??” the state’s official rock song.
  34. beef
    Arcade Fire Fires BackWe’ve not seen Win Butler this upset since he stole that dude’s basketball.
  35. oh snap
    Wayne Coyne Has an Opinion About Arcade FireHe doesn’t like them.
  36. chat room
    Wayne Coyne on ‘Christmas on Mars,’ Giant Brains, and Long John Silver’s’Yeah, my house is basically Salvador Dalí meets ‘Sanford & Son.”
  37. ben silverman
    Ben Silverman Remixes NBC ChimesT.I., the Flaming Lips, and Richie Sambora have been hired to ‘reinterpret’ the chimes in a series of upcoming promos.
  38. right-click
    The Flaming Lips Confuse Their HolidaysPlus: ukulele!
  39. disappointments
    Wayne Coyne’s House Not Quite As Awesome As We’d HopedThe New York ‘Times’ visits Coyne’s house. And it’s just a boring old house.
  40. war on christmas
    We’ve Seen the Flaming Lips’ ‘Christmas on Mars’ — And It’s As Weird As We’d Hoped!A vagina-headed marching band? Check!
  41. quote machine
    Nas Embraces the LeakPlus: Shamefully, ‘Meet Dave’ director Brian Robbins has never seen ‘Small Wonder.’
  42. quote machine
    Craig Finn Possibly Isn’t Drunk Right NowPlus: Wayne Coyne on the gaping orifices in his new movie, and M. Night Shyamalan makes no sense.
  43. the industry
    Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon Are ‘Bourne’ Again?Plus industry news on Jason Statham, Steve Winwood, and Phil Collins’s daughter.
  44. apropos of nothing
    Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips Is Excited About His Oklahoma City Public Schools Wall of Fame Humanitarian AwardHe gets a big gold medal!
  45. right-click
    Jay-Z Writes Happiest-Ever Song About CrackNew music from the Flaming Lips and Justice!
  46. right-click
    The Flaming Lips Write Most Nonsensical Song YetPlus: Lil Wayne!
  47. the early-evening news
    Steve Guttenberg to Pen the Definitive Steve Guttenberg BiographyPlus: Hear Radiohead’s new album now! Sort of!
  48. the industry
    Helen Mirren to Take Up the Scepter Once More?Plus industry news on William H. Macy, James Purefoy, and D.J. Caruso.
  49. right-click
    Jared Leto More Daft Than PunkThe Flaming Lips, Omarion, and more!
  50. right-click
    Something Stinks and for Once It’s Not Devendra Banhart … Okay, It Is.Radiohead, Uncle Murder, and the Flaming Lips cover Neil Young.
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