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The Gambler

  1. weekend box office
    Hobbit Leads a Strong Holiday-Weekend Box OfficeAnd The Interview has a modest showing.
  2. movie review
    Mark Wahlberg Plays the Ultimate Buzzkill in The Gambler“Is casting Mark Wahlberg as a self-loathing literature professor an inspired or ridiculous choice?”
  3. chat room
    Brie Larson on Living Like a Monk and Prepping for The Gambler“I did read The Stranger. It’s a great book. It’s very depressing, though.”
  4. chat room
    Mark Wahlberg on The Gambler, Those Sony Leaks, and His Crazy Schedule“If I was Angelina Jolie, I wouldn’t be upset.”
  5. oscars 2015
    Can Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, or David Oyelowo Crack Best Actor?Here are our first reactions to American Sniper, The Gambler, and Selma.
  6. trailer mix
    Mark Wahlberg Stars in the Trailer for Oscar Dark Horse The GamblerJohn Goodman, Brie Larson, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Jessica Lange co-star.
  7. trailers
    See the Trailer for Mark Wahlberg’s The GamblerIt’s a remake of the 1974 James Caan film.
  8. casting couch
    Jessica Lange Will Play Mark Wahlberg’s MotherIn The Gambler.
  9. switching gears
    Todd Phillips Considering Drama Debut With The Gambler RemakeThe Hangover it ain’t.
  10. movies
    Leonardo DiCaprio to Star in The Gambler RemakeTo be directed by Martin Scorsese.