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  1. The 10 Best TV Shows of 2017Matt Zoller Seitz chooses his favorite TV shows of the year.
  2. peak tv
    Rival Networks Are Really Happy That Netflix Is Finally Canceling Its Shows“I’m glad they’re canceling shows,” FX’s president bluntly declared.
  3. cancellations
    The Get Down Canceled After One SeasonThe super-expensive project will not live to see another day.
  4. The Get Down’s Baz Luhrmann on Season Two’s CliffhangerAnd the two songs Sia wrote.
  5. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: You Cannot Imagine What We’ll BecomeA star is born.
  6. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: All The Devils Are HereAfter the series’ best episode, we’re presented with its worst.
  7. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: Cadillac’s RevengeThis is an episode about contracts — verbal and written.
  8. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: Adventures in White-Boy LandEach episode of The Get Down orbits a single thematic element that builds on the one before.
  9. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: The Church Is God’s NightclubAfter a hiatus, The Get Down jumps a year into the future.
  10. tv review
    The Second Half of The Get Down Is a Major Improvement Over the FirstA promising show has become a terrific one.
  11. Allow The Get Down to Reintroduce Itself With Its Part Two TrailerThe series heads into 1978 when it returns April 7.
  12. The Get Down Trailer: The Boys Are Still Here to BoogieThe show returns April 7.
  13. conversations
    Jimmy Smits on Playing Role Models, Villains, and Everything in Between“The machine of the business does jade you if you don’t find a way out of it.”
  14. the industry
    Netflix Raising $800 Million in Additional DebtThe loan is fairly standard, but think of what it can buy!
  15. expense accounts
    Making The Get Down Reportedly Cost Even More Than We ThoughtLots of money.
  16. Justice Smith Almost Lost Himself in The Get Down“There were days I would just go home and bawl because the lines get blurred and you’re like, What is me and what is the character?
  17. conversations
    Justice Smith Almost Lost Himself in The Get Down“There were days I would just go home and bawl because the lines get blurred and you’re like, What is me and what is the character?” 
  18. legacies
    The Story Behind The Get Down’s Kung Fu Connection“If it wasn’t for Hong Kong cinema, hip-hop street dancing culture would be a bit different.”
  19. the vulture tv podcast
    Get Down Creator on the Show’s Messy Production“Sometimes I feel like I almost died in this last two-and-a-half years. It’s just been kind of crazy.”
  20. old new york
    The Get Down and How Pop Culture Has Handled NYC’s 1977 BlackoutFrom The Get Down to City on Fire.
  21. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: The Only Game We GotIn this mid-season finale, The Get Down unveils its most satisfying blend of real life and fiction.
  22. 6 Pretentious Ways to Boost Your Get Down Viewing ExperienceSix ways of seeing The Get Down differently while waiting for the show to take off (as it eventually does).
  23. the low down
    A Brief Primer on the Politics of The Get Down’s 1977 New YorkFrom bankruptcy to the mayoral race.
  24. explainer
    Separating Fact and Fiction in Netflix’s The Get DownLet us break it down.
  25. The Get Down’s Rare Pakoussa Remix, ExplainedDon’t go Googling for it.
  26. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: The Definition of SuccessAt its best, The Get Down highlights the particular struggle of being a poor kid.
  27. inevitable comparisons
    How Baz Luhrmann-ish is The Get Down?Relatively Baz-ish.
  28. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: Two Tribes on a Quest“You can’t be a rebel if you don’t rebel.”
  29. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: Slippin’ Into Darkness“Where were you when the lights went out in New York City?”
  30. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: The Grace of GodTwo episodes in, The Get Down embraces its inner Moulin Rouge.
  31. overnights
    The Get Down Recap: New York, Big City of DreamsConsider this a blessing or a warning: The Get Down unmistakably belongs to Baz Luhrmann.
  32. chat room
    So What Exactly Is ‘the Get Down’? Let Grandmaster Flash Explain“Oh shit, he took my beat and he glued it to this picture.”
  33. tv review
    Netflix’s The Get Down Is a Spectacular Mixed Bag of a ShowAnyone who watches this expecting it to be about the birth of hip-hop is going to be disappointed.
  34. Why The Get Down Is Only Premiering Half of Its First Season on Friday“Netflix and Sony wanted to get something on the air.”
  35. right-click
    Hear Miguel’s New Song for The Get DownIt samples a Hot Chocolate disco gem.
  36. new on netflix
    What’s New on Netflix: August 2016The Little Prince! Slow TV!
  37. tca 2016
    6 Things We Learned at Netflix’s The Get Down TCA PanelThe idea to explore this cultural and musical period occurred to Baz Luhrmann when he was sitting in a Paris restaurant ten years ago.
  38. the industry
    Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down Is the Most-Expensive Netflix Show EverAnd it almost killed Baz Luhrmann.
  39. trailer mix
    New Trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Get DownWarning: Tears ahead.
  40. netflix
    Netflix Announces Premiere Dates for 10 SeriesWelcome to Peak TV.
  41. party chat
    Baz Luhrmann on Working With Grandmaster FlashThe Flash is also a character on the show.
  42. exclusive
    Baz Luhrmann Tells Us All About His New Netflix Show, The Get DownAnd it sounds kind of like an Empire prequel.
  43. Baz Luhrmann’s First TV Show Is Headed to NetflixThis should be a spectacular spectacular.