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The Girl On The Train

  1. your box office explained
    The Birth of a Nation Couldn’t Overcome Nate Parker at the Box OfficeBut the people who did see it seemed to like it.
  2. columbus day
    7 Movies to Watch (or Not) This Columbus Day WeekendAmerican Honey for all, Magnificent Seven for none, and avoid a trip with The Girl on the Train.
  3. accents
    A Guide to the Many Puzzling Accents of The Girl on the TrainJust what was the deal with Rebecca Ferguson?
  4. let us discuss
    Let’s Talk About the Real Twist at the End of The Girl on the TrainPuns are involved.
  5. compare and contrast
    16 Key Changes Between The Girl on the Train Book and MovieIt’s in America, for one.
  6. movie review
    The Girl on the Train Is a Thriller That Doesn’t Know How to ThrillI got depressed early, when I realized I’d be spending two hours in the hands of people who didn’t know how to tell a story.
  7. the girl on the train
    Intervention Taught Emily Blunt to Play Drunk“Fascinating. Heart-wrenching. It makes you weep.”