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The Golden Compass

  1. overnights
    His Dark Materials Series-Premiere Recap: Everyone’s SpecialHBO’s do-over adaptation reworks the ingredients of Philip Pullman’s iconic book trilogy for a thoughtful, moving interpretation.
  2. tv review
    His Dark Materials Is a Gorgeous Adaptation in Need of a PurposeHBO’s imagining of Philip Pullman’s book trilogy boasts unabashedly lovely visuals, strong performances, and seemingly no idea what to do with either.
  3. casting
    Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Hooper in Talks for a His Dark Materials TV SeriesLogan’s Dafne Keen is in talks to play Lyra.
  4. vulture lists
    Thirty-Four Ways New Moon the Movie Is Better Than New Moon the BookNo matter how passionately you love a florid, overwritten, hilarious book, the movie can be EVEN BETTER.
  5. vampires
    Director Chris Weitz to Spice Up Twilight Franchise With Vampire-Pie Romance?Is Summit Entertainment replacing Catherine Hardwicke with some dude?
  6. agenda
    “The Golden Compass”: Armored-Polar- Bear Fight!The polar-bear fight—with the regal Iorek Byrnison, voiced by the regal Sir Ian McClellan, completely owning false king Ragnar Sturlusson—proves mind-blowing for all ages.
  7. the early-evening news
    Does Ludacris Have Hos in Your Area Code?Plus: Is The Golden Compass a success after all?
  8. the early-evening news
    The Vatican Gives Two Thumbs Down to ‘The Golden Compass’Plus: Bill Watterson, The Hobbit sequel, and Michel Gondry’s next project.
  9. tube junkie
    ‘The Golden Compass’: Part of the Deleted Ending Appears OnlineThis makes us glad the movie’s plot bowdlerized the book’s.
  10. apropos of nothing
    Will Smith Saves Hollywood; Talking Chipmunks Also Save HollywoodWill Smith’s I Am Legend took in an astounding $76.5 million over the weekend, besting expectations and shattering the record for the biggest December opening of all time (previously held by 2003’s Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King).
  11. the take
    Christian Tomatoes: Faith-Based Critics Take on ‘The Golden Compass’“Consider this bit of sacrilege a taste of what’s to come.”
  12. apropos of nothing
    ‘The Golden Compass’ Flops?Is hope of a trilogy dead?
  13. the early-evening news
    So, How Bad Will ‘The Golden Compass’ Flop This Weekend?Plus: Guess who died!
  14. tube junkie
    Video: Overheard at the Midnight Premiere of ‘The Golden Compass’Video: Overheard at Golden Compass
  15. vulture lists
    10 Most Anti-Christian Movies of All TimeDespite our high hopes, The Golden Compass will probably not kill God or turn America’s children into atheists like the Catholic League promised. But these movies might!
  16. the take
    Where Did ‘The Golden Compass’ Go Astray? And Was Tom Stoppard’s Original Script a Masterpiece?We got our hands on two early drafts of the screenplay and figured out why the movie wound up a failure.
  17. news reel
    Well? How Anti-Christian Is ‘The Golden Compass,’ Anyway?We bring Vulture’s anti-religion-o-meter (patent pending) into a screening.
  18. the take
    Is ‘The Golden Compass’ in Box-Office Trouble?We’re no Paul Dergarabedian, but we know that 85 percent is less than 100 percent.
  19. news reel
    Chris Weitz and His Pigeon Daemon Walk the Red CarpetSome of the actors in The Golden Compass don’t really seem to get the concept of daemons.
  20. apropos of nothing
    The Catholic League Will Stop at Nothing to Promote ‘The Golden Compass’With a budget of $180 million and a plot that the film’s critics say promotes atheism, The Golden Compass is an enormous risk for its distributor New Line Cinema — thankfully, the studio can count on the hardworking marketers at the Catholic League, who are doing everything in their power to raise awareness for the movie.
  21. apropos of nothing
    How Will Hollywood Offend Christians Next?Next week’s release of the probable blockbuster The Golden Compass has religious groups freaking out about its atheistic themes, and a 300-style Jesus action movie is now in the works. What’s next in the world of Christian-enraging cinema?
  22. apropos of nothing
    Would ‘The Golden Compass’ Be Easier to Market if Philip Pullman Were Dead? Philip Pullman Thinks So!And we agree!
  23. trailer mix
    ‘The Golden Compass’ Trailer: Hollywood’s Anti-Christmas Trojan Horse?Hollywood strikes another blow in the War on Christmas!
  24. the take
    Philip Pullman Realizes ‘Killing God’ Not the Ideal Sales PitchHollywood vs. Christmas, all over again!
  25. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Is ‘Juno’ This Year’s ‘Little Miss Sunshine’?This week in Vulture’s Oscar Futures.
  26. kudos
    Oscar Futures: Is ‘Juno’ This Year’s ‘Little Miss Sunshine’?This week in Vulture’s Oscar Futures.
  27. the take
    Is ‘The Golden Compass’ Too Anti-Christian, or Not Anti-Christian Enough?The Catholic League and the National Secular Society argue about why New Line’s fantasy franchise is offensive.
  28. countdown
    New ‘His Dark Materials’ Book Coming in the SpringThis is exactly what we wish J.K. Rowling would do.
  29. trailer mix
    New Line Selling ‘The Golden Compass’ as ‘Lord of the Rings IV’
  30. apropos of nothing
    How Nicole Kidman Finds Her Power Animal