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The Good Fight

  1. How The Good Fight Brought the Trump Era to TV, From the Pee Tape to #MeTooThe show’s second season spun real-life news into fleet-footed TV.
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    Diane Lockhart and Her Withering Glares Will Return in The Good Fight Season 3CBS All Access’s Good Wife spinoff is coming back.
  3. In One Scene, The Good Fight Makes an Incisive Commentary on the #MeToo EraThis Sunday’s episode continues the series’ streak of being at the forefront of ongoing political conversations.
  4. last night on late night
    Being Engaged to Kit Harington Sounds ExhaustingRose Leslie discusses the quirks of their relationship.
  5. chat room
    Christine Baranski on Micro-dosing, The Good Fight, and Mamma Mia! 2“Diane is like what Angela Merkel would be, if Angela Merkel could wear couture and stilettos.”
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    The Good Fight Season-Two Trailer: Kill All LawyersChristine Baranski, Cush Jumbo, and Rose Leslie return to CBS All Access March 4.
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    The Best Shows to Binge-Watch After You’ve Had a BabyEight shows to consider the next time you’re awake at 3 a.m.
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    Audra McDonald Is Joining The Good Fight As a Series Regular for Season TwoHey CBS All Access, how about a musical episode?
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    How CBS All Access Aims to Be a Streaming Player With Star Trek, Good FIghtAnd what kinds of originals to expect.
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    The Good Fight Recap: Wishful ThinkingIt’s been wonderful to watch The Good Fight go from good to great.
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    The Good Fight Recap: The Head and the HeartThis series is nothing if not name-heavy.
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    The Good Fight Recap: More Than You Can ChewThank God for Elsbeth Tascioni.
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    The Good Fight Recap: Martyrs of Political CorrectnessDiane Lockhart faces off against an alt-right provocateur.
  14. close reads
    The Good Fight Has an Identity CrisisAnd it’s also really good.
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    The Good Fight Recap: Living in Tiananmen SquareMan, is it great to see Elsbeth again.
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    The Good Fight Recap: The Truth Doesn’t MatterThis episode feels downright prescient in its examination of fake news.
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    The Good Fight Recap: Who Voted for Trump?“The Schtup List” tees up story lines for the rest of the season.
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    How The Good Fight Handled the Trump QuestionThe CBS spinoff needed sudden rewrites after the election. Let’s take a close look at those changes.
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    The Good Fight Recap: A Moment of TruthBernadette Peters as a villain? That’s an embarrassment of riches.
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    The Good Fight Series Premiere Recap: The Fall of Diane Lockhart“Inauguration” is Christine Baranski at her best.
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    The Good Fight Is Very Good TVThe follow-up to The Good Wife admirably does its own thing.
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    The 13 Good Wife Episodes to Watch Before The Good FightA beginner’s guide to Diane Lockhart and her tremendous necklaces.
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    Christine Baranski Looked Disgusted at Trump’s Inauguration for The Good FightDiane Lockhart is not happy about president 45.
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    Justin Bartha Promises That His Butt Will Make an Appearance on The Good FightHe advises tempering your expectations.
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    Pop Culture Can’t Escape Donald TrumpOn seeing the political climate in everything.
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    Diane Lockhart Will Finally Drop an F-Bomb in The Good Fight“It’s the Kings unplugged,” says actress Christine Baranski.
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    Watch a New Trailer for The Good FightThings will get nasty.
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    Here’s a Brand-New Look at The Good Fight’s Cast in ActionThe (new and old) gang’s all here.
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    The Good Fight Had Rewrites After the Election“Like most pollsters, we thought Hillary Clinton would win the presidency.”
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    Rose Leslie’s Lead Character in The Good Wife Spinoff Is a LesbianThe character, Maia, is Diane’s goddaughter.
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    Trump’s Election Will Affect Good Wife SpinoffPeter Florrick for president sounds pretty good about now.
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    Two More Good Wife Actors Appearing on SpinoffGreat alumni network.
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    The Good Wife Spinoff Is Called The Good FightStarring Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie, Cush Jumbo, and Sarah Steele.