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The Green Hornet

  1. r.i.p.
    Van Williams, Star of TV’s Green Hornet, Dead at 82He also appeared in The Beverly Hillbillies and The Dick Van Dyke Show.
  2. superhero movies
    The Green Hornet Is Getting a Gritty Reboot“My intention is to bring a gravitas to The Green Hornet that wipes away the camp and kitsch of the previous iteration.”
  3. How the Most Anticipated Comedies of 2011 FaredAs the saying goes, hindsight is the shit — or something like that. At the end of 2010, beginning of 2011, there were certain comedies we […]
  4. weekend box office
    Anthony Hopkins Beats Jason Statham at the Box OfficeNatalie Portman’s still on top.
  5. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: The Green Hornet Stings The Dilemma’Hornet’: The “highest-grossing opening ever for a live-action superhero comedy,” whatever that means.
  6. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: The Green Hornet Scores, The Dilemma DisappointsThough ‘The Dilemma’ still placed second.
  7. movie review
    The Tiresome Men-children of The Green Hornet and The DilemmaThe genre in which grown-up buddies wrestle with their masculinity while acting like juveniles is looking mighty limp.
  8. chat room
    Michel Gondry on the Gondry-esque Special Effects of The Green Hornet, and the One He Saved for the Sequel“When they tried the costumes on, everything fit Jay perfectly because he’s this handsome boy. And Seth was very embarrassed.”
  9. clickables
    Watch a Video Detailing the Green Hornet’s Sweet New RideFrom the January 14 Michel Gondry film, starring Seth Rogen.
  10. comic-con 2010
    Comic-Con Futures: Thor Up, Green Hornet DownWhich remake “might not be terrible”?
  11. movies
    See Bruce Lee’s Green Hornet Screen Test“I think kung fu is pretty good.”
  12. trailer mix
    Green Hornet Trailer: Lead as SidekickSeth Rogen knows how; it’s his specialty.
  13. delays
    Green Hornet Release Bumped Three WeeksSeth Rogen film moved from its Christmas 2010 slot.
  14. chat room
    Chrstoph Waltz on The Green Hornet and Paparazzi“Ten flashing lights are a nuisance, but 500 are fantastic.”
  15. Rogen’s Green Hornet Script Too Willy-Nilly for Nicolas Cage“I wasn’t interested in just being a straight-up bad guy who was killing people willy-nilly.”
  16. upgrades
    Christoph Waltz to Taunt Green HornetAs long as he gets to smoke another giant pipe, we totally applaud this development.
  17. the industry
    Tyler Perry to Make MoviePlus: Spike Lee co-signs ‘County of Kings.’
  18. hires
    Green Hornet Gets a KatoTaiwanese actor and pop star Jay Chou has been cast as Kato in Seth Rogen’s upcoming ‘Green Hornet’ movie.
  19. ouch
    Lou Lumenick Is Unlikely to Score a Date With Cameron DiazHe called her an “aging bad actress” … ouch!
  20. the industry
    Nicolas Cage and Cameron Diaz to Harass, Love The Green HornetPlus: Shaq vs. Michael Phelps.
  21. the industry
    Hugh Jackman to Win Makeup-Selling ContestPlus: Mark Duplass is in ‘The League.’
  22. green lantern
    Sorry, JT!Ryan Reynolds beats out Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.
  23. the industry
    Plotless Video Game Sparks Predictable Four-Studio Bidding WarPlus: Piper Perabo! Mase! Terrorism!
  24. Seth Rogen Plea to Michel Gondry: No Cardboard Sets in The Green Hornet“You have to convince them they’re not gonna show up on set one day and everything is gonna be made out of cardboard.”
  25. replacements
    Michel Gondry Saves The Green Hornet From Development Hell, Realistic-Looking ActionFollowing the departure of Stephen Chow, Gondry has stepped in to direct.
  26. the industry
    Nicolas Cage Gets MedievalPlus: Ben Stiller gets in on the lucrative TV office-comedy market.
  27. apropos of nothing
    Seth Rogen to Play the Green Hornet, the Last ‘Unlikely Superhero’Nobody can say “unlikely superhero” ever again.
  28. the industry
    Seth Rogen Now Wearing Green Tights in a Movie, Not Just in Your DreamsPlus industry news on Steven Soderbergh’s Che Guevara biopics, Wolverine, and a great country-and-western musical.