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The Harvey Weinstein Case

  1. the harvey weinstein case
    Bill Murray Says He Doesn’t Know What Harvey Weinstein Is Being Accused Of“I mean, I don’t know exactly what he’s being accused of yet.”
  2. the harvey weinstein case
    Harvey Weinstein Rape Accuser Criticizes Court for Letting Him Roam Free“Money buys VIP treatment in the justice system.”
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    Why Harvey Weinstein’s Arrest Is a ‘Watershed Event’ for Ashley JuddJudd is in the process of suing Weinstein for harassment and defamation.
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    Paz de la Huerta ‘Couldn’t Stop Crying’ After Harvey Weinstein’s Arrest“It should be a day of celebration, but I feel melancholic about it all.”
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    Salma Hayek Noticed Disturbing Similarity Between Claims Harvey Weinstein Denied“We are the easiest to get discredited.”
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    Bankruptcy Judge Grants Harvey Weinstein Access to Weinstein Company EmailsWeinstein’s legal team argued that emails related to his alleged victims could exonerate the disgraced movie mogul.
  7. Creators Get In the Heights Movie Rights Back From the Weinstein CompanyWe can be excited again.
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    Former Weinstein Assistant Says She Tried to Curtail His Behavior in 1998Zelda Perkins says that as part of her 1998 nondisclosure agreement Harvey Weinstein was required to go to therapy.
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    New York City Police Are Close to Arresting Weinstein, Official SaysWeinstein has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex.
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    My Week With Marilyn Producer Alleges Harvey Weinstein Physically Assaulted HimDavid Parfitt claims the former studio head allegedly “pinned him against a Coke machine” and threatened him over a screening of the 2011 drama.
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    Oprah: Reese Witherspoon Struggled With PTSD After Weinstein Story“I remember Reese saying, ‘Oh god, this is just so upsetting.”
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    Salma Hayek Tells Oprah She ‘Felt Ashamed’ for Delaying Her Weinstein Story“I felt like my pain was so small compared to all the other stories.”
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    Uma Thurman Alleges She Was ‘Attacked’ by Harvey Weinstein on Multiple Occasions“He did all kinds of unpleasant things.”
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    Harvey Weinstein Denies Rose McGowan’s Accusations Using Email From Ben AffleckHarvey Weinstein uses an email from Ben Affleck to refute Rose McGowan’s rape accusations in her book Brave and the show Citizen Rose.
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    Rose McGowan Singles Out the ‘Hypocrisy’ of Meryl Streep“YOUR SILENCE is THE problem.”
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    Harvey Weinstein Made It His Mission to Keep Mira Sorvino Out of Bad SantaThe film’s director is now apologizing to Sorvino for how he handled the casting.
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    A Famous Actor Told Jessica Chastain to ‘Calm Down’ After the Weinstein Scandal“I found that heartbreaking.”
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    Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Has Also Banned Harvey Weinstein for Life“The Academy supports those speaking out against harassment in all forms and stands behind those who have been affected by this issue.”
  19. The Truth About Mir-Anon, the Secret Support Group for Ex-Weinstein Employees“When you weren’t feeling terrorized, the people you were meeting were extraordinary.”
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    Uma Thurman Is Waiting ‘to Feel Less Angry’ to Discuss Hollywood Sexual Assault“And when I’m ready, I’ll say what I️ have to say.”
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    Julianna Margulies: Harvey Weinstein and Steven Seagal Tried to Harass MeThese alleged encounters occurred in the ’90s.
  22. Master of None Co-Creator Alan Yang Calls for ‘More Women in Positions of Power’Yang also addressed the inspiration for Bobby Cannavale’s character.
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    Rose McGowan Was Offered Hush Money From Someone in Harvey Weinstein’s CircleAfter it was discovered that her original Weinstein settlement didn’t have a confidentiality clause.
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    Anthony Bourdain Lashes Out at Quentin Tarantino’s Harvey Weinstein ‘Complicity’It all goes back to Harvey Weinstein.
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    Actress Annabella Sciorra Accuses Harvey Weinstein of Rape“Like most of these women, I was so ashamed of what happened. And I fought. I fought.”
  26. Rose McGowan Gives Powerful Speech on Sexual Assault in HollywoodIn her first appearance since revealing allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, McGowan spoke at the Women’s Convention on Friday.
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    Weinstein Company Will Not Be Financially Saved by Colony Capital After AllAfter diving into the studio’s finances and assets, Colony Capital has reportedly decided not to give TWC a “cash infusion.”
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    A Harvey Weinstein Accuser Is Suing the Weinstein Company for NegligenceDominique Huett is suing the company for $5 million.
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    The Hunting Ground Filmmakers Announce Hollywood-Sexual-Assault DocumentaryKirby Dick and Amy Ziering’s 2015 documentary about campus rape was distributed by the Weinstein Company.