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The Heartbreak Kid

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    Charles Grodin, Actor and Late-Night Staple, Has Died at 86He was known for his roles in The Great Muppet Caper, Beethoven, and more.
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    From Jane Eyre to Grey’s Anatomy: A History of Surprise Cinematic SpousesA roundup of the best “Surprise, I’m married!” movie and TV reveals, honoring great achievements in husband and wife concealment.
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    The Flaming Lips Write Most Nonsensical Song YetPlus: Lil Wayne!
  4. the take
    Are Americans Finally Sick of Movies About Ben Stiller Dating Lunatics?Ben Stiller, DreamWorks, and the Farrelly brothers are licking their wounds this morning over the dismal $14 million opening for The Heartbreak Kid, in which Stiller accidentally marries a crazy person (again).