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  1. good one podcast
    Paul Feig Says Ghostbusters Becoming a ‘Cause’ Hurt Its ComedyOn this week’s Good One: A Podcast About Jokes, Paul Feig discusses finding his comedic balance on Spy and how Ghostbusters threw it off.
  2. summer movie preview 2014
    Why Melissa McCarthy Is Hollywood’s Top StarThere is no other star delivering as consistently, and in such great numbers, and with so little assistance, as McCarthy.
  3. Paul Feig on Producing the ‘Peanuts’ Movie: ‘It’s My ‘Star Wars’’“This one is really exciting for me. I like to say it’s my Star Wars. To get the opportunity to help guide that along is really a thrill … […]
  4. Paul Feig Is Making a Spinoff of ‘The Heat’ Starring Jamie Denbo and […]Paul Feig is planning a spinoff to last summer’s The Heat that will star Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin, who played members of Melissa […]
  5. spinoffs
    Paul Feig Is Developing a Spinoff to The HeatFocusing on Beth and Gina.
  6. Paul Feig Talks About Authentic Comedy and Funny Ladies“The problem with comedy in general is that it’s heightened. The thing I’m always on guard for with an audience is when they go, “That’s dumb, […]
  7. Paul Feig Explains Comedy’s ‘Angry Villagers Syndrome’“It’s what the editor from Bridesmaids called the ‘angry villagers’ syndrome. People who go to see a comedy are spending their money and want […]
  8. how to make a movie
    How to Edit an Improv-Heavy Comedy, As Told by The Heat’s Paul FeigYou’ve got hours of hilarious actors improvising gut-busting jokes: How do you decide what to keep and what to kill?
  9. Talking to Nate Corddry About ‘Mom’, ‘The Heat’, And Why Boston […]Nate Corddry is no stranger to the fickle whims of television. He’s starred on three tragically cancelled series, including the much-hyped […]
  10. vulture lists
    13 Peculiar Facts About the World’s Taste in Summer MoviesGermans love The Hangover III, the Japanese love The Lone Ranger, Serbians didn’t care for Iron Man 3, and much more.
  11. ah memories
    An A-to-Z Guide to What We Learned at This Summer’s MoviesSummer is dead. Long live summer movies!
  12. your box office explained
    Summer Box Office: Comedies Came to ConquerThe Heat couldn’t be beat, but The Hangover Part III suffered from diminishing returns.
  13. gender issues
    Are Summer Movies Getting Any Better For Women?We’ve got a few new movies coming out starring women, but why have there been so few until now?
  14. sequels
    Sandra Bullock ‘Can’t Imagine’ Doing The Heat 2Despite a sequel already being in the works.
  15. Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Want to Make a Sequel to ‘The Heat’It looks like a sequel to Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s hit buddy cop comedy The Heat may not be happening. Bullock tells EW: I know […]
  16. Despicable Me 2 Tops Weekend Box Office AgainGood work, kids.
  17. counting
    Do They Ever Make Movies About Women? A Mathematical Analysis From 1989–2013(Spoiler: no.)
  18. weekend box office
    Despicable Me 2 Is More Than Respectable at Weekend Box Office The movie brought in $81 million while The Lone Ranger flopped.
  19. career paths
    Will Melissa McCarthy Be the Next Will Ferrell or the Next Jack Black?After the success of The Heat, what McCarthy can learn from the success of Ferrell and faltering of Black.
  20. ‘The Heat’ Destroyed ‘White House Down’ This WeekendScore one for comedy: this past weekend, The Heat made a whopping $40 million, easily taking down the Channing Tatum/Jamie Foxx/explosions […]
  21. pick your own odd couple
    Make Your Own Blockbuster With Vulture’s Random Buddy-Action-Movie Generator!___ and ____ team up as ____ who _____!
  22. weekend box office
    Monsters University Schools Competition From Top of Weekend Box OfficeBut every movie in the top five broke $20 million.
  23. vulture lists
    Every Threat Melissa McCarthy Makes in The Heat“I feel the need for you to stay out of my business so I don’t punch you in the teeth.”
  24. gender imbalance
    There Are Even Fewer Female Buddy Comedies Than You ThoughtHow rare? One of the few examples is B.A.P.S.
  25. Critics Love Melissa McCarthy, But Are Otherwise Split on ‘The Heat’Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s buddy comedy The Heat opens in theaters today, and the reviews are somewhat mixed. Most critics agree […]
  26. fashion
    Please Remember Sandra Bullock As a Nineties Fashion IconThe Speed star first came to stardom without a stylist, and the results were awesome and hella nineties, yo.
  27. Talking to Katie Dippold About ‘The Heat’, Female Camaraderie, and Lots of […]A UCB improviser and former Parks and Rec staff writer, Katie Dippold is behind one of this year’s most highly anticipated summer comedy […]
  28. Paul Feig Took the Local Commercial/Ronald McDonald Path to Fame Bridesmaids and Freaks and Geeks director Paul Feig dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his upcoming buddy cop comedy, The […]
  29. movie review
    Movie Review: The HeatThe new comedy from Paul Feig is kind of a mess, but it’s a funny mess.
  30. ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Creator Paul Feig Wants to Go Back to TVPaul Feig, the creator of Freaks and Geeks and an accomplished television director, became one of the most sought-after comedy directors in the […]
  31. influences
    Paul Feig Explains His Cultural InfluencesIn no particular order, these are the movies, books, cuisines, and teachers that inspired him. 
  32. Splitsider’s Summer Comedy Preview: MoviesIron Man 3 raked in a ton of cash this weekend and officially kicked off the 2013 summer movie season, which is set to contain an unusually […]
  33. sequels
    A Sequel to The Heat Is Already in the WorksTwo months before the first one premieres.
  34. There’s Already a Sequel for ‘The Heat’ in the WorksFox is very confident that its upcoming Melissa McCarthy-Sandra Bullock buddy cop comedy The Heat will be a hit – so confident, in fact, that […]
  35. Melissa McCarthy Talks About ‘SNL’ on ‘Fallon’ Here’s this weekend’s SNL host Melissa McCarthy on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, talking about how chaotic and rushed it feels […]
  36. Paul Feig and ‘Parks and Rec’ Writer Katie Dippold Are Making Another […]Paul Feig, the creator of Freaks and Geeks and director of Bridesmaids, has a new movie called The Heat out this summer that was written by […]
  37. Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock’s ‘The Heat’ Will Now Be a Big-Time […]The Melissa McCarthy-Sandra Bullock police comedy The Heat was supposed to be released April 5th, but the studio has moved the movie’s premiere […]
  38. The Red-Band Trailer for ‘The Heat’: Now With 500% More Melissa McCarthy […] Here’s the new red-band trailer for The Heat, the Paul Feig-directed action comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock as a pair of […]
  39. Paul Feig: ‘The Funniest People I Know Are Always Women’“All the funniest people I know are always women… I would also feel sick to my stomach when I would see these movies and how bad the female […]
  40. ‘The Heat’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock Could Be the Best […] Here’s the brand new trailer for Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy’s new buddy cop movie The Heat, which is directed by Paul Feig (Freaks […]
  41. trailer mix
    Watch Bullock and McCarthy in The Heat TrailerFun!
  42. party chat
    Taran Killam on Robyn, SNL, and Joss Whedon“Picture a 15-year-old Taran Killam being in his grandmother’s television room, watching Buffy have to send Angel back to hell.”
  43. People Were Cast in Movie and Television Roles- Josh Gad will play an anti-social engineer named Headphones (yes, Headphones), in the middle-aged internship comedy, The Internship, which […]