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  1. the hills
    A Hills Mystery: Whither Whitney Port?The former reality star has barely appeared in The Hills revival. What gives?
  2. close reads
    The Hills: New Beginnings Is More The Hills, Less New BeginningsA few conversations about parenting aside, the revival of the genre-defining MTV reality series feels eerily unchanged from the original.
  3. reality tv
    Heidi Montag’s Idea of Hills Diversity Is ‘Darker Hair’Alrighty then.
  4. one-liners
    It Was Anna Wintour Who First Called Lauren Conrad ‘Girl Who Didn’t Go to Paris’Scathing.
  5. mischa barton
    Mischa Barton Is Joining The Hills Revival, the Real Real O.C.Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Audrina Patridge are also involved.
  6. reunions
    The Hills Cast Is Reuniting for a New Show and It’s Very Unclear Who’ll Be on It*cue single mascara tear.*
  7. the hills
    Heidi and Spencer Have Thoughts on The Hills“Blogs have advertised the show as a ‘reunion,’ but it’s really an LC special.”
  8. trailer mix
    Lauren Conrad’s The Hills Special: Her Trailer’s Full of SecretsFeel the rain on your skin.
  9. curious adaptations
    The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of a Potential Movie AdaptationIt would get the gang back together … except for Heidi and Spencer.
  10. tv nostalgia
    Lauren Conrad’s Doing a The Hills SpecialBecause the rest was still unwritten.
  11. lawsuits
    The Weeknd Sued Over ‘The Hills’ SampleHe’s being accused of stealing from the score for The Machine.
  12. bffs
    Eddie Redmayne and Jennifer Lawrence Gush About Reality TVThey love The Hills and Housewives
  13. reality rumble
    The Hills’ Secret, Important Gender PoliticsListen up, Sheryl Sandberg.
  14. reality rumble
    Round 1: Project Runway S2 vs. The Hills S1The Santino season of Tim Gunn’s fashion contest takes on the debut of The Hills, when Lauren first moved in with Heidi.
  15. reality rumble
    The Reality Rumble: What’s the Greatest Reality-TV Season Ever? Is it Real World: San Francisco? The first season of Survivor? Real Housewives of Atlanta’s “Tardy for the Party” season 2? The bracket stars today!
  16. this is the end
    Watch The Hills’ Alternate EndingNo, Spencer does not show up. 
  17. the hills
    Aziz Ansari Posed With The Hills CastHuman Giant goes to L.A.
  18. aughts nostalgia
    MTV Is Launching a ‘Retro’ Hour With Daria, The HillsYup, The Hills is “retro” now.
  19. video
    Watch Vulture’s Top 20 Videos of 2011Our Game of Thrones buddy-comedy remake, the Community cast playing pop-culture trivia, every Michael Scott celebrity impression from The Office, and more!
  20. new girl
    See a 2008 Dating Profile Video From New Girl’s SchmidtWhat if New Girl had a baby with The Hills? Yeah, it would be weird. But, also, great. ’
  21. ennui
    Why Hit Reality-Show Casts Never Stay HappyThe ‘Jersey Shore’ cast went the bored, jaded way of the NYC Real Housewives, Nick and Jessica, and ‘The Hills’ in later seasons: Why can’t any show hold onto the joy?
  22. trailer mix
    Audrina’s New Reality Show Looks Predictable and DepressingHow is this show not called ‘The Patridge Family’?
  23. spencer pratt
    Without The Hills, Spencer Pratt Loses Sense of Self“Heidi left me seasons ago! This whole time I have really been married? I thought we did that for ratings?”
  24. ratings
    Big Ratings All Over Cable Last NightFor ‘Covert Affairs’ and ‘Deadliest Catch,’ in particular.
  25. tv
    See Spencer Pratt’s Hilarious Disguise for Crashing Hills PartyFor whatever reason, Pratt’s aging-hobo look did not gain him admittance to the event.
  26. overnights
    The Hills Series-Finale RecapIn which we say good-bye to the show that both pained and amused us for four long years.
  27. the hills
    Goodbye The Hills: Looking Back and ForwardWhere did the characters start? And where will they end up? A think piece.
  28. tv
    Watch The SkinNY, a Hills Spoof Starring Two Fat Men in DragJoanna and Rachel are two girls from Orlando just having some fun in the Big Apple.
  29. overnights
    The Hills Recap: The Tears of a ClownThe penultimate episode of the series is a bit of downer.
  30. the hills
    Extreme Hills Marketing: Would You Wear Kristin Cavallari Converse?Ironically, maybe?
  31. overnights
    The Hills Recap: What Happens in Costa …The gang goes on a trip, tans, and pretty much nothing else happens.
  32. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Sailing Away Without SpeidiThe gang throws a boat party for Audrina’s birthday, and it made us seasick.
  33. overnights
    The Hills Recap: The Tiger and the TemptressAllie returns, Justin shows up, and Audrina and Spike drift apart.
  34. overnights
    The Hills: Recap: No More SeatsIn this episode, Kristin asserts her sexual magnetism over Brody, and some crazy girl named Allie shows up to jump-start the drama (which, without Speidi, is sorely lacking).
  35. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Reunited and It Feels Sort of GoodKristin mourns her non-relationship with Brody, Lo plays mentor, and Audrina and Justin Bobby finally reunite.
  36. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Life Without SpeidiBrody finds a new girlfriend, Stephanie goes on a date, and we’re pretty much asleep.
  37. overnights
    The Hills Recap: We CriedWhich is embarrassing.
  38. overnights
    The Hills Recap: ‘He Scares Me’In which Spencer goes off the deep end … again.
  39. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Crystal Clear NowSpencer tells us tales of crystals and feathers, while Kristin tries to get to the bottom of the rumors about her drug use.
  40. the hills
    Why The Hills Opening Credits Are CruelIt has to do with those video clips of the stars’ younger days.
  41. overnights
    The Hills Recap: Heidi’s Face Shocks and AwesAnd disturbs and fascinates and frightens and saddens.
  42. the hills
    Our Hopes for the Last Season of The HillsOur hopes for the season, along with the sad reality of what it will be.
  43. tv
    Little Kids Reenact The Hills So PerfectlyGive these trashy babies lots of tiny, adorable Oscars.
  44. lawsuits
    Heidi Montag Sues Adam DiVello for Sexual HarrassmentHe apparently grabbed her butt. Yuck.
  45. harsh reality
    Why Reality Stars Makes the Worst Reality StarsOnce the cast becomes famous, the show just doesn’t work.
  46. the hills
    Watch The Hills Final Season TrailerHeidi’s face! Oh, dear.
  47. tv
    See ‘Edith Wharton’s Ethan Frome,’ a Short Period Piece Done in the Gum-Snapping Style of The Hills“Did you hear about Ethan?”
  48. the industry
    Salma Hayek Signs Up to Yell at Adam SandlerPlus: Look what Clint Eastwood’s kid got himself into.
  49. ‘Gossip Girl’ Gives Us the High of Our So-Called LivesLet’s face it, this episode rocked. Our recap is within.
  50. quote machine
    Sean Connery Would Like to Kill James BondPlus: Madonna on what it would take to get her to sing “Like a Virgin” again.
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