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The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey

  1. box office zilch
    Jack the Giant Slayer Is a Giant FlopThis weekend’s box office numbers were generally bad.
  2. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Texas Chainsaw 3D Slashes The HobbitWhile Django Unchained moves up to second place.
  3. box office gold
    Django Unchained Outperforms Les Misérables on Opening WeekendMeanwhile The Hobbit hits $200 million.
  4. weekend box office
    The Hobbit Has Largest December Opening in History$223 million worldwide.
  5. the hobbit
    See Entertainment Weekly’s Hobbit Collector CoversFeaturing Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, and Thorin.
  6. clear your schedule
    A Breakdown of Why the First Hobbit Desperately Needs Its Long Run TimeThis minute-by-minute breakdown shows why every smoke ring needs time to breathe to really get the story right.
  7. trailer mix
    New The Hobbit Trailer: And Away They GoAnd they’ll keep going, for an extra movie.
  8. the hobbit
    All Three Hobbit Films’ Titles and Release Dates Now ConfirmedThe third installation will follow the second by just seven months. 
  9. controversy
    Will New Hobbit Footage Change 3-D Forever?The new technology Peter Jackson is using has audiences divided.
  10. The Hobbit Trailer: Return of the RingWatch the highly anticipated trailer for Part One of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings prequel.
  11. movies
    The Hobbit Movies Get Titles, Release DatesMark your calendars.