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  1. movies
    Topher Grace Does Self-Care by Undoing Film FranchisesSome of us do charcoal masks, others recut The Hobbit trilogy into one simple two-hour movie.
  2. dispatches from middle-earth
    A J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic Is in the WorksOne biopic to rule them all.
  3. new ways to spend money
    Congratulations, You Can Spend $800 on LOTRPlus a shelf!
  4. hobbit hold-ups
    The Final Hobbit Film Pushed BackNow the trilogy will span a full two years.
  5. slogans run
    Let’s Give the Oscar Hopefuls Snappier TaglinesArgo: “Faking a Movie in Iran? Shah, Right!” It sells itself!
  6. your box office explained
    Texas Chainsaw Carves Out Top Spot at Box OfficeAnd Django is likely to become the highest-grossing Tarantino film next weekend.
  7. Could Magic Mushrooms Improve Your Viewing of The Hobbit?A Vulture experiment!
  8. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: 2012 Was a Good Year for HollywoodThe industry saw its biggest single increase in admissions in a decade.
  9. party chat
    Why Gandalf’s Backstory Was Missing From The HobbitAnd can we expect to get more of it in The Desolation of Smaug?
  10. box office
    Les Miz Cleans Up at Christmas Box OfficeWith $18 million.
  11. weekend box office
    Zero Dark Thirty and Amour Start Strong at Box Office And The Hobbit continues to dominate the big movie field. 
  12. the hobbit
    There’s Got to Be a Way to Remember All of the Dwarves in The HobbitIt’s easy to forget the single dad.
  13. Naturally, Here’s a HobbitHunger Games Mash-UpAnd not one braid in sight.
  14. the hobbit
    See a Life-Size LEGO Bag EndIf you build it, dwarves will come.
  15. vulture investigates
    Will We Ever Get Used to The Hobbit’s 48 FPS?Why does it all appear so odd, so abnormal? And is it actually?
  16. the hobbit
    How Quickly Can You Name All the Dwarves in The Hobbit?The cast of The Hobbit gets put to the test.
  17. chat room
    Peter Jackson on Being a ‘Terrible Ham’ and West of MemphisThe documentary he’s promoting when he’s not promoting The Hobbit.
  18. the hobbit
    See the Most Delicious-Looking Hobbit CupcakesEat ‘em all!
  19. your box office explained
    Why Didn’t The Hobbit Make More Money?Not that $85 million isn’t a boatload.
  20. weekend box office
    The Hobbit Has Largest December Opening in History$223 million worldwide.
  21. the argument
    Was The Hobbit Boring or Exciting? Two Vulture-ites Fight It OutOne blogger thought it was 85 percent eating and walking. An editor thought this was a weird, hunger-based perception of it. Whose side are you on?
  22. doing your homework
    Lord of the Rings Facts You Need to Remember for The HobbitRemembering these connections and references will help you see how the stories inform each other.
  23. majority opinions
    What the Critics Are Saying About The Hobbit’s High Frame Rate“It looks like Jehovah’s Witness art.”
  24. One Man Plays Gandalf and Gollum, Also Covers ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’Freddie would be proud.
  25. movie review
    Edelstein on The Hobbit and Its Distracting Frame RateThe Hobbit probably plays better at the normal frame rate, but how much better?”
  26. the hobbit
    The Hobbit Cast Plays F*ck/Marry/Kill“Killing” it, McKellan.
  27. the hobbit
    Here’s Your Hobbit Dwarves Cheat SheetLearn your dwarves!
  28. the hobbit
    Watch ‘The Hobbit: The Musical’The Hobbit in song!
  29. the hobbit
    So How Much Would the Hobbit’s House Cost?But Bilbo ain’t selling.
  30. chat room
    Andy Serkis on The Hobbit, the Oscars, and How to Do Your Best Gollum“The key is to act like you have a furball.”
  31. the hobbit
    Watch Kids React to The Hobbit Trailer“Is it Dumbledore?”
  32. vulture reads
    Your Sunday Long Reads: Ke$ha and Freaks and Geeks Another excuse to stay indoors. 
  33. the hobbit
    See Entertainment Weekly’s Hobbit Collector CoversFeaturing Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum, and Thorin.
  34. viral videos
    Somewhere in Portland, Gandalf Is on a UnicycleGandalf lives, has great balancing skills.
  35. the hobbit
    Listen to The Hobbit Christmas SongThese girls get it.
  36. there be dragons
    Catch a Fleeting Glimpse of The Hobbit’s SmaugAnd by fleeting, we mean a bit of wing and a flash of tail.
  37. the hobbit
    A GooniesHobbit Mash-Up? Why Not?Two movies, one mash-up.
  38. the hobbit
    Chronologically Accurate Spot for The HobbitOh, now it all makes sense!
  39. lawsuits
    Tolkien’s Estate Suing for More LOTR Money$80 million, actually.
  40. sad things
    Twenty-seven Animals Died on Hobbit Set [Updated]Sad.
  41. the hobbit
    Stream The Hobbit SoundtrackHear the music before you see the movie!
  42. movies
    Hobbit Tickets Go On Sale This WeekGet excited! 
  43. runtime
    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Will Be Two Hours and 40 Minutes LongTrust us: Make sure to bring a snack.
  44. clickables
    See a New Hobbit TV SpotOne of the only films that might not be ruinable from too much advance footage.
  45. vulture reads
    Sunday Reads: James Deen and Scary Movies Another excuse to stay indoors.
  46. cameos
    Stephen Colbert Fans Get Their Very Own Reason to See The Hobbit MoviesMiddle Earthiness.
  47. the hobbit
    Ian McKellen Almost Passed on The HobbitBut, but … Gandalf!
  48. losing one's shit
    Benedict Cumberbatch Went Berserk Playing The Hobbit’s Smaug“You just have to lose your shit on a carpeted floor.”
  49. party chat
    Billy Connolly Finds Tolkien ‘Unreadable,’ Stars in The Hobbit“I didn’t read [the books], and I normally don’t like people who have!”
  50. the hobbit
    Watch Kids Recreate The Hobbit TrailerThe Serkis comes to town!
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