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The Humbling

  1. movie review
    Movie Reviews: The Humbling and MatchFrom Al Pacino as a spent, delusional old Shakespearean and Patrick Stewart as an aging dance professor.
  2. chat room
    Pacino on Joe Paterno, Guardians of the Galaxy“I thought, Gee, it’s a big movie and you saw it on a big screen with sound.
  3. Al Pacino Is a Washed-up Actor in The HumblingWith Greta Gerwig.
  4. the industry
    Al Pacino to Fall for a Younger WomanPlus: Showtime and HBO battle for the Vanderbilts.
  5. dirty books
    Philip Roth: Loyal to Houghton Mifflin, Lecherous ProtagonistsOne of two planned books features “a counterplot of unusual erotic desire”!