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  1. extremely online
    How Baby Yoda Took Over the Internet[Sips broth.]
  2. the internet
    The Best Cartoons of the Early InternetLooking back on some early internet animated classics, from Homestar Runner to Salad Fingers.
  3. the internet
    Hasan Minhaj Wants to Mail You a Netflix DVDIf your internet provider sucks, there is a way out!
  4. the internet
    Why Netflix’s One Day at a Time Cancellation Feels Like a BetrayalWhen a multi-billion-dollar media company tweets like your online friend, its business decisions are bound to feel personal.
  5. fyre festival
    A GoFundMe for the Fyre Fest Caterers Has Raised Over $160,000Time to set right what scammers have wrought.
  6. the internet
    Scarlett Johansson Ruminates on All the Deepfake Porn Made From Her Image“I think it’s a useless pursuit, legally, mostly because the internet is a vast wormhole of darkness that eats itself.”
  7. the internet
    Grimes’s Complicated Relationship With the InternetWhy do we care so much about what Grimes does?
  8. close reads
    The Good Place Isn’t About Heaven and Hell, It’s About the InternetThis sitcom proves that TV can still bring people together in the streaming age.
  9. kanye west
    Kanye West’s Relationship to the Internet and Also Twitter Is Not GreatHe sees the web as a platform devoid of the messy particulars of real life.
  10. songs of the week
    5 Best New Songs of the Week: The 1975, A$AP Rocky & Tyler the Creator, AnittaThe 1975’s Matty Healy once again proves why he’s one of the last of a dying breed of rock star.
  11. music review
    The Feel Good Mutant Soul of Dirty Projectors’ Lamp Lit ProseIt’s all upbeat ruminations on affection and excitement, where the last album fixated almost exhaustingly on rot.
  12. songs of the week
    7 Best New Songs of the Week: The 1975, Kanye, The Internet, Lykke Li, GorillazIs one of Kanye’s new songs secretly a fun. cover?
  13. music review
    The Internet Has Already Devoured ‘This Is America’But it still has power.
  14. 9 Best New Songs of the Week: Janelle Monáe, the Internet, Oneohtrix Point NeverJanelle Monáe wants to “screw” the world back together.
  15. Funny or Die Moves to Vox Media This Summer A little over a month after huge layoffs at the company, another big change is coming to Funny or Die. According to Variety, after over ten […]
  16. How Facebook Is Killing ComedyA conversation with Funny or Die’s Matt Klinman on how Facebook has completely destroyed independent digital comedy.
  17. coen brothers
    Coen Brothers to Write a Dark-Web MovieAbout the Silk Road (the online one, not the medieval one).
  18. trolls
    Dan Aykroyd Weighs In on Leslie Jones’s Trolls“They’re insignificant gnats, they’re losers, they have no lives of their own …”
  19. the internet
    Twitter Says It’s Handling Leslie Jones’s Trolls“We realize we still have a lot of work in front of us before Twitter is where it should be on how we handle these issues.”
  20. year in culture 2015
    The 10 Best Lists of 2015What parade of year-end lists would be complete without a list of lists?
  21. beef
    Jack White’s Contentious History With the InternetSo many open letters.
  22. content
    Jack White Wishes We Would Stop Writing Blog Posts Exactly Like This OneWe are aware of the irony.
  23. This Russian Filmmaker Invented Response Memes 100 Years AgoAh, internet memes. Depending who you are, they’re what you make online and talk about with your buddies at school, what your goddamn kid won’t […]
  24. the internet
    Twitter Goes Nuts With #LifetimeBiopics After the Aaliyah Movie Premieres This was inevitable.
  25. james franco does it all
    James Franco Places Himself at the Internet’s MercyPeanut butter, sock puppets, puppies.
  26. the internet
    Bill Cosby Asks Internet to ‘Meme’ Him; Twitter Responds With Rape AllegationsDeclaring “Go ahead. Meme me!” is rarely a smart move.
  27. the internet
    Aubrey Plaza Will Be the Voice of Grumpy CatIn Lifetime’s live-action Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.
  28. the internet
    Play the Oddest Seinfeld Game That Ever WasAnd hear Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend doing an a cappella version of the theme song.
  29. remember the early 2000s?
    The New Homestar Runner Cartoon Is Soooo GoodRemember? Homestar Runner?
  30. tributes
    How Television Without Pity Shaped Pop CultureEver read a TV recap?
  31. Ranking the Internet Friendliness of 7 Comedy NetworksHBO made a bold promotional move this week by putting the first two episodes of Girls’ new season up on YouTube for free, allowing even the […]
  32. this! is! jeopardy!
    Jeopardy! Addressed the GIF-Pronunciation WarsTrebek said it with a soft G.
  33. the internet
    Kanye’s ‘Gone’ Is in the Top 20 NowBecause of that “I Quit” video.
  34. the internet
    The Breaking Bad Finale’s Best Memes, Tributes, and CallbacksWhat would this show be without the Internet?
  35. A Look At the Earliest ‘Simpsons’ Message Board“Online Simpsons fans still sum up the Internet as a whole: simultaneously angry, happy, knee-jerk, brainy, cromulent, and deranged.” - Slate […]
  36. vine on
    More Than Just Cats: 14 Clever Six-Second Vine MoviesShortest Attention Span Theater.
  37. the internet
    The Best Costumes From the 2012 HallowMeme PartySo many binders, all full of women.
  38. the internet
    Scooter Braun Signed the ‘Gangnam Style’ GuyThis is happening.
  39. ‘Cracked’: From ‘MAD’ Ripoff to the Internet’s Nerdy Older CousinDaniel O’Brien is very much like a lot of us. In his mid-twenties, he’s a big Simpsons fan and spends a lot of time reading, watching TV, and […]
  40. How Jimmy Fallon’s Online Bonus Content Sausage Gets MadeOver at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, a trio of talented comedians spend all day every day working on original content for the show’s website […]
  41. The Webbys Awarded ‘Actress of the Year’ to a Man, But Who Cares About the […]The Webby Awards are pretty stupid. Not that giving out awards for achievement on the internet is an inherently bad idea, but when in order to […]
  42. Nielsen Ratings Getting Less Awful by Comparing TV and Online AdsIn the ongoing battle to get Nielsen ratings to even somewhat resemble the reality of who’s watching what television shows, a blow has been […]
  43. The Increasing Necessity of Promoting Books and Comedy Albums Online Jim Norton took to the red carpet of the Grammys to ask stars from Steve Martin to Adele to hold up his non-nominated 2011 standup album […]
  44. Today’s Ridiculous and Amusing Joke Twitter Account: @AdelesExBF[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/adelesexbf/status/169506100339671040”]Comedians are great on Twitter, sure, but there’s something […]
  45. Shit X Says: The State of a Meme at the End of Its Life (Hopefully)It all began on December 12, 2011. That’s when “Shit Girls Say” was uploaded to YouTube and nearly broke the Internet when it was picked up […]
  46. Watching Hipster Runoff Eat its Own Tail[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/hipsterrunoff/status/159459792769912835”]Viral success on the internet is a strange phenomenon. […]
  47. Jim-A-Day Might Be the Best Online Video Daily Calendar of the Year It’s January 19th, 2012, and it’s as good a day as any to catch up on the year’s best live-action desk calendar. What will Jim say today, we […]
  48. Ron Swanson Is Drunk Dancing and Wearing a Tiny Hat Always in Our HeartsIf there were a trophy for “browser tab kept open longest,” Infinite Drunk Ron Swanson would win it and then dance around drunkly with it.
  49. odd future
    Listen to Little Dragon’s Remix of the Internet’s ‘Cocaine’The Queen of Odd Future gets remixed, and it hurts so good.
  50. Nick Kroll Teaches You To Be An Internet HumanWe’ve all been there: you’ve ripped off your What Would Bobby Bottleservice Do? bracelet in a anabolic steroid-induced rage and now have no […]
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