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The Internship

  1. 9 Lessons Learned From the Best and Worst Movie Posters of 2013Featuring Gravity, Nymphomaniac, and This Is the End.
  2. ah memories
    An A-to-Z Guide to What We Learned at This Summer’s MoviesSummer is dead. Long live summer movies!
  3. your box office explained
    Summer Box Office: Comedies Came to ConquerThe Heat couldn’t be beat, but The Hangover Part III suffered from diminishing returns.
  4. The Purge Scares Off The Internship at the Box Office The micro-budget thriller brought in a surprise $34.4 million.
  5. vulture lists
    Every Single Time ‘Google’ Was Said and Seen in The Internship“Google needs us; Google wants us.”
  6. Review Roundup: Critics Don’t Like ‘The Internship’ as Much as ‘The […]Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s second buddy comedy together, The Internship, hits theaters today, and it doesn’t look like audiences are gonna […]
  7. movie review
    Movie Review: The InternshipStarring Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, and Google.
  8. ‘The Onion’ Nails ‘The Internship,’ ‘The Biggest Comedy of 2005’ Here’s a spot-on video from The Onion about this weekend’s Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson tech industry buddy comedy The Internship, which despite […]
  9. let us google that for you
    What Pops Up When You Google the Stars of The Internship?“Is B.J. Novak a jerk?”
  10. Watch the Trailer for the New Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson Movie ‘The […] Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson have reunited for The Internship, their first movie together since 2005’s Wedding Crashers. Directed by Shawn […]
  11. trailer park
    The Internship Trailer: Google CrashersYou’ll get college credit.
  12. Will Ferrell-Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson: Together AgainMa! The Meatloaf! Get it? It’s like that part in Wedding Crashers where Will Ferrell’s character asks his mother for meatloaf. (Remember when […]
  13. the kings of cameos
    Will Ferrell Joins Wedding Crashers Reunion The InternshipMaybe he’ll usurp his Hall of Fame cameo from Wedding Crashers.
  14. People Were Cast in Movie and Television Roles- Josh Gad will play an anti-social engineer named Headphones (yes, Headphones), in the middle-aged internship comedy, The Internship, which […]
  15. casting
    Rose Byrne to Boss Around Owen Wilson in InternshipShe’s also his love interest.