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The Iron Giant

  1. real talk
    An Interview With the Iron Giant About Where He’s Been All These YearsWe haven’t seen the star of The Iron Giant since 1999. In this exclusive interview, find out where he was before his Ready Player One cameo.
  2. vulture lists
    What’s New on Netflix: April 2018The Iron Giant, Chef’s Table, Jane the Virgin, and more.
  3. movies
    The Iron Giant Is Coming Back, With New ScenesNo one saw the movie when it came out in 1999, and you can now rectify that.
  4. The 15 Best Robot Movies of All TimeEver since the early years of cinema — even before the term “robot” was coined, in fact — the movies have been obsessed with them.
  5. face-offs
    Droids vs. Cylons, Astro Boy vs. Wall-E: Two Scientists Handicap Vulture’s Ultimate Robot Boxing BracketTwo great minds from Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute factor in everything from reach to lasers.