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  1. vulture lists
    Every DC Comics Movie, RankedFrom the Christopher Reeve era to the new Birds of Prey, which films stand above the rest?
  2. 2 jokers 2 films
    Jared Leto Was Reportedly Hell-Bent on Preventing Joker From Being MadeHe felt “alienated and upset” that Joaquin Phoenix’s clown prince of crime was getting more attention.
  3. casting
    Jonah Hill Will Not Be Hanging Out With Zoë Kravitz on the Set of The BatmanThe actor passed on a starring role in the film.
  4. dueling jokers
    Who Is the More Genuinely Upsetting Joker: Joaquin Phoenix or Tommy Wiseau?What if they made a Joker movie that had, like, double Jokers?
  5. the art of the character
    Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Has Now Gone Full ClownHere he is!
  6. the industry
    Marc Maron May Needlessly Interrupt Joaquin Phoenix’s JokerHis character would cause the Joker “to go mad.”
  7. film
    Zazie Beetz Might Join Joaquin Phoenix in JokerAnd we’re already so worried about her character’s fate.
  8. superhero movies forever
    The ‘Gritty’ Joker Movie Starring Joaquin Phoenix Is Going ForwardIt’s a character study and a “cautionary tale.”
  9. the joker
    A Jared Leto Stand-alone Joker Movie Is Definitely HappeningThis is not to be confused with the Joker origin story that is possibly starring Joaquin Phoenix.
  10. casting couch
    The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Auditions for All the Different JokersWhy? So serious?
  11. send doll pics
    Just How Thirsty Is DC to Get Leonardo DiCaprio to Play the Joker?Warner Bros. has Scorsese, but who else will the studio recruit to woo Leonardo DiCaprio?
  12. infinite franchises
    Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips Are Developing a Joker Origin Story MovieNo, this one is not for Jared Leto.
  13. party reports
    John Lithgow Still Regrets Passing on Playing the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman“How’s that for stupid? Actors are not necessarily smart people.”
  14. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Can’t Help But Notice Donald Trump Sounds Exactly Like the Joker NowWhy so serious?
  15. woulda coulda shoulda
    Director David Ayer on Suicide Squad: I ‘Wish I Had a Time Machine’His solution somehow involves more Joker.
  16. but is it art?
    Mark Hamill Joker-fied Trump’s John Lewis TweetsHope he has four to eight years left in him.
  17. i'm a joker i'm a smoker i'm a
    Mark Hamill Reads Trump Tweets As the Joker#OverratedFlunkyLoser
  18. the killing tweet
    Mark Hamill Reads Trump Tweet As the JokerHey, at least the Joker had puns.
  19. dialogues
    Did Suicide Squad Even Need the Joker?A dialogue on the Clown Prince of Crime.
  20. Hot Topic Has a Suicide Squad Clothing Line Cosplaying is now as simple as a trip to the mall.
  21. bad jokes
    Jared Leto Sent Viola Davis a Box of BulletsThough this be madness, there is method acting in it.
  22. comic-book movies
    Batman v Superman Almost Had Joker, RiddlerSo many villains!
  23. animated voices
    Mark Hamill Set to Play the Joker in Batman: The Killing JokeCartoon Batman star Kevin Conroy is back, too.
  24. political fictions
    Obama Compared ISIS to Heath Ledger’s JokerAccording to a profile on his foreign policy.
  25. the kardashians
    Some Kardashians Just Want to Watch the World BurnKylie Jenner is an agent of chaos.
  26. Jared Leto Just Chopped Off His Beautiful Hair for Suicide SquadLet us mourn.
  27. comics
    Never-Before-Seen Pages From DC Comics’ Harley Quinn Valentine’s SpecialThe Joker loves me, the Joker loves me not …
  28. supervillainy
    6 Things to Know About DC’s Suicide SquadInside dirt on the superhero movie everyone’s talking about.
  29. casting couch
    Jared Leto Might Play the Joker, Cut His Beautiful HairIn the Suicide Squad movie.
  30. trailer mix
    Commissioner Gordon Warns Future Batman Villains in Gotham TrailerPlus, a possible Joker tease.
  31. how can i stay mad at you?
    8 Super-Villains Who Have a Good Excuse For EvilMolestation, abandonment as children, the Holocaust … they’ve all got excuses.
  32. videogames
    We Never Got a Dark Knight Video Game, So Batman: Arkham Asylum Will Have to DoIs it going to be any good? Hard to tell at this point.
  33. the comics page
    The Joker Returns in Our Exclusive Excerpt From Brian Azzarello’s New Graphic NovelThe fine folks at DC Comics are no fools: They’ve brought grease-painted madman the Joker back to Gotham.
  34. cheek by jowl
    Ben Silverman vs. The Joker: Who Gets the Last Laugh?