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The Kingkiller Chronicles

  1. Lin-Manuel Miranda on How The Kingkiller Chronicles Inspired MoanaPlus, the “really singsongy” Lady Lackless tune he wrote.
  2. Patrick Rothfuss Is About to Be Fantasy’s Next SuperstarAs the author adapts his beloved trilogy for film and TV with Lin-Manuel Miranda, one question haunts him: Where’s the third book?
  3. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles Headed Showtime“I very rarely reread books, but I reread those books several times just to luxuriate in reading them.”
  4. vulture guides
    A Guide to Kingkiller, LMM’s Next Big ProjectIt’s our next Game of Thrones.
  5. lin-manuel miranda
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Developing a Fantasy EmpireMay we never be forced to leave the protective bubble of Miranda’s imagination.