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  1. ‘Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night’ Is an Intimate Portrait and […]During his time on air, David Letterman was aware that he was comedy establishment, but this knowledge fueled him, becoming fodder to satirize […]
  2. r.i.p.
    Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman’s Mom and Late Show Regular, Dead at 95Mengering was the Late Show’s Winter Olympics correspondent and would appear via satellite to show off her homemade pies.
  3. Five of David Letterman’s Best Late Night Donald Trump Takedowns Each time Donald Trump appeared on a late night show during his presidential campaign he often left unscathed. Stephen Colbert made a […]
  4. david letterman
    David Letterman on Trump, Women Late-Night Hosts“You’ve got two Jimmies and a Stephen, I don’t know.”
  5. Matt Damon Gets Caught in the Middle of the Clooney vs. Fey/Poehler Prank […] When Tina Fey and Amy Poehler ragged on George Clooney at this year’s Golden Globes, they were signing up to be the known prankster’s newest […]
  6. last night on late night
    Lots of Underhanded Blows From David Letterman to Kim KardashianPlus: Marion Cotillard’s strange photo shoot with the Nutcracker took her by surprise, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jeff Bridges Led a Zen SessionPlus: Jay Leno helped Emma Stone’s New Year’s resolution to dance more come true, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  8. ends of eras
    Paul Shaffer Admits Late Show Will End SomedayIt’s true, everyone.
  9. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Max Greenfield Has Had Terrible Luck With BirdsPlus: Connie Britton on why demon babies are the cutest, and more in our daily late-night roundup.
  10. Letterman’s 10 Most Genuine Moments with His GuestsIn the New Yorker’s 1978 profile of TV icon Johnny Carson, author Kenneth Tynan pinpoints the essential quality of Carson’s genius: contempt. […]
  11. comedy
    Letterman Comedy Booker Out After Sexist Times InterviewEddie Brill says his quotes were taken out of context.
  12. David Letterman Makes Peace With Jay Leno in His Old AgeDavid Letterman is sorry for the mean things he’s said about Jay Leno, and he declared a truce on last night’s show. While crafting a Twitter […]
  13. clickables
    Watch David Letterman ‘Cowboy Up’ and Live-TweetIt’s the best way to communicate with the brotherhood of late-night talk show hosts.
  14. clickables
    Watch Chris Evans Read the Letterman Top Ten List“Someone broke into Letterman’s theater? I’m on way.”
  15. late night
    Louis C.K. Not Banned From Letterman After AllHe’ll appear next month.
  16. clickables
    See Hannibal Buress’s Very Funny Appearance on LettermanFive-minute comedy break!
  17. Jay Pharoah Brings His Unused Obama Impression to Letterman New SNL standout Jay Pharoah was on Letterman last night, and he showed off some more of his impressions, including his Obama. It makes you […]
  18. The Networks are Doomed, and Jon Stewart Is Helping Dig Their GravesIt looks like Conan got out at just the right time. In October, the number one late night show on TV with adults 18-49 was not on a network, it […]
  19. Letterman’s Top Ten Signs There’s Trouble at Fox News Last night on The Late Show, Letterman took aim at Fox News with his Top 10 list. Jon Stewart he ain’t, but there are some good ones in here […]
  20. Why Oprah Hates Letterman Jon Stewart’s been everywhere lately, selling Earth: The Book. Last night, he came to Letterman’s couch to discuss Oprah and their long-time […]
  21. David Letterman Was In on the Joaquin HoaxWell, this is a little… I don’t know what. Disappointing? Annoying? In any case, apparently David Letterman was in on this whole Joaquin […]
  22. Joaquin Phoenix to Bring Beard, Bad Attitude Back to Letterman’s CouchGood news, trainwreck fans! Vulture is reporting that on September 22, Joaquin Phoenix is returning to The Late Show with David Letterman. […]
  23. music
    See M.I.A.’s Self-Replicating Performance on LettermanLike Michael Keaton in ‘Multiplicity.’
  24. chat room
    Comic Andy Kindler: Why Leno Jokes Never Get OldThe comedian explains himself and tells why making fun of Leno never gets old.
  25. late night
    ‘I’ma Pervert!’: Luke Wilson Continues the Tracy Morgan Story Trend on LettermanTracy still thinks Luke’s name is “Lou.”
  26. d-bags
    David Letterman Reacts to ‘Douche’ Trend Piece, Adds Sixteen of His Own Mentions to Running Tally“I think that when you combine the word ‘douche’ with its twin sister ‘bag,’ that I think is the problem.”
  27. women and men
    Late-Night Talk Shows Come Under Fire for Lack of Female WritersThe ripple effect of Nell Scovell’s ‘Vanity Fair’ piece hits the New York ‘Times.’
  28. tell-alls
    Former Letterman Writer Explains How a ‘Hostile Work Environment’ Drove Her to Quit Her Dream JobNell Scovell wrote about her experiences as a ‘Late Night’ writer back in the early nineties for ‘Vanity Fair.’
  29. latenightpocalypse
    Were David Letterman and Stephanie Birkitt Spotted ‘Hiking’ in Robert Halderman’s Driveway?If so, wow!
  30. persona non grata
    Late Show to Stephanie Birkitt: Buzz Off!After being banned from the Ed Sullivan Theater, she’s like the Screech of the ‘Late Show’ now!
  31. frenching
    David Letterman’s Week Gets Worse After Receiving a Tongue Bath From Gene SimmonsWhat else could possibly go wrong for Dave?
  32. latenightpocalypse
    Robert Halderman’s Lawyer Claims to Have Proof That David Letterman Sexually Harassed Female StaffersPlus: Did Dave cuckold Robert “Joe” Halderman?
  33. latenightpocalypse
    David Letterman’s Alleged Extortioner’s Lawyer Went on the Today Show and It Wasn’t PrettyGerald L. Shargel just talked in endless circles and didn’t offer up a single shred of evidence as to why we should root for his client, Robert “Joe” Halderman.
  34. reunions
    Madonna Admits to David Letterman That a Joint Was to Blame for Her Famous F-Bomb TiradeAnd in the process, she set the movement to legalize marijuana back decades.
  35. it's britney bitch
    Britney Spears Delivers Her (Pretaped?) Late Show Top Ten in a BikiniHer handlers clearly still aren’t confident she can handle live television.
  36. talkshowpocalypse
    Britney Spears to Display Her TelePrompTer Reading Skills on Letterman TonightShe’ll be reading tonight’s top ten.
  37. zingers
    David Letterman Continues to Poke Fun at Jay LenoOnly six more weeks till Jay’s return!
  38. tube junkie
    Tracy Morgan Looking to Supplement His 30 Rock Salary by Pawning Emmys“He’s sweet like man meat! Sweet like possum meat!”
  39. panic on the streets of burbank
    Letterman Topples Conan, Earns Allegiance of Julia RobertsThis can’t be good for NBC.
  40. beef
    Prince Is on Team LenoEveryone is entitled to his opinion (we suppose).
  41. depositions
    Paris Hilton’s Preference of Late-Night-Talk-Show Hosts Is Now a Matter of Public RecordWe’ve heard more probing questions coming from the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.
  42. we got it 4 cheap
    Late-Night Television’s Freelance Joke Writers: Underpaid Heroes or Scourge of the WGA?You make the call!
  43. tube junkie
    Russell Brand Smuggles Drugs Onto an Airplane, Barely Lives to Tell the TaleSomeone please give this guy another shot at hosting an awards show (but give one to Ricky Gervais first)!
  44. disappointments
    U2 Fails to Make Ratings Impact for LettermanOops!
  45. beef
    U2 Uses Letterman Platform to Dis ‘Uncool’ StingSomeone’s on Team Aniston!
  46. gigs
    U2’s Late Show ResidencyWill this help Dave forget the sting of John McCain’s snub?
  47. tube junkie
    Jim Carrey’s Sensual Late Show Bubble Bath With Larry KingStars will do anything to promote their new movies, even if it requires sitting in a bath tub!
  48. practice makes perfect
    Tom Cruise Attempts Comedy Again, Stumbles in the ProcessOr is delivering a Top Ten list on ‘Letterman’ harder than we ever realized?
  49. tube junkie
    David Letterman Turns Into Andy KaufmanCan anyone explain to us why Letterman did the exact same jokes in his monologues two nights in a row?
  50. strike zone
    Former ‘Letterman’ Writer Describes the Worker’s StruggleToday, writers for The Late Show With David Letterman return to work. Sam Saltz, former Late Show writer, walks us through a (typically bizarre) day in the life.
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