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  1. the law
    JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Settles Defamation Suit Against CBS Over Docuseries2016’s The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey floated the theory that then-9-year-old Burke Ramsey had a hand in his younger sister’s murder.
  2. the law
    2019’s Hottest Lawsuit Is Going to Be Nirvana Vs. Marc JacobsHere we are now, entertain us with your attorneys.
  3. the law
    Kevin Spacey Groping Video Obtained by PoliceThe assault took place at a Nantucket bar in 2016.
  4. weinstein case
    The Harvey Weinstein Case Is Going to TrialHis motion to dismiss was rejected.
  5. the law
    What You Need to Know About the Harvey Weinstein Case So FarEight key takeaways from the legal drama.
  6. the law
    Tekashi 6ix9ine Trial Set for 2019 at Bizarre Hearing on How Rap Beefs WorkThe judge needed some clarifications.
  7. arrests
    Piper Perabo Arrested Today for Protesting Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court NominationWe love a resistance queen.
  8. the law
    DMX Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Tax FraudBefore he faced the music, the judge played DMX’s hit “Slippin” upon request.
  9. the law
    Manhattan DA’s Office Defends Decision Not to Charge Harvey Weinstein in 2015“While the recording is horrifying to listen to, what emerged from the audio was insufficient to prove a crime under New York law.”
  10. the law
    Britney Spears Settles Longstanding Lawsuit With Ex-ManagerSam Lutfi was granted something in the “low six figures.”
  11. the law
    The PRINCE Act Goes Back to the Drawing BoardCritics disliked the bill’s broad approach.
  12. the law
    LaBeouf’s Cabaret Charges to Be Dismissed SoonHe has to “behave” for six months. 
  13. american idol
    American Idol Winner Wants Out of His ContractHe has lodged a petition with the California Labor Commissioner.
  14. the law
    Sam Smith Has to Pay Royalties to Tom Petty for ‘Stay With Me’You were right: “Stay With Me” is totally like “I Won’t Back Down.”
  15. the law
    Mark Wahlberg’s Assault Victim Forgives Him“He has grown up now. I am sure he has his own family and is a responsible man.”
  16. the law
    Marvin Gaye v. ‘Blurred Lines’ Will Go to TrialA judge denied Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s motion for a summary judgment.
  17. drunk and disorderly
    Buffy Actor Nicholas Brendon Arrested in IdahoFor malicious injury to property.
  18. scandal
    7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins Cut From ScandalHe was supposed to repeat a onetime role as a TV anchorman.
  19. the law
    Real Housewives Couple Are Going to JailFor fraud.
  20. the law
    Amanda Bynes Was Arrested for a DUIToday at 4 a.m.
  21. the law
    Kanye Sentenced to Two Years ProbationFor that LAX scuffle.
  22. the law
    The NFL Wants $16.6 Million From M.I.A. NowFor that one tiny little finger.
  23. the law
    Must-Watch: Justin Bieber’s Deposition Video“Is this a film?”
  24. the law
    Customs Officials Didn’t Find Any Pot on Justin Bieber’s PlaneThey looked.
  25. the law
    Justin Bieber to Face Assault Charges in Toronto [Update]Stemming from an altercation with a limo driver.
  26. mugshots
    And Here Is Justin Bieber’s MugshotLook, he’s smiling.
  27. the law
    Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag RacingWell, it happened.
  28. the law
    Kanye Is Under Police Investigation for Misdemeanor AssaultAfter a run-in with a heckler.
  29. U.S. Judge Rules That Sherlock Holmes Remains in the Public DomainYour Holmes/Watson slash fiction is now even more legally protected.
  30. the law
    And Then the Beastie Boys Sued That Toy CompanyThis is not a surprise.
  31. the law
    Jay Z Sued Over ‘Run This Town’ SampleYou know, that song from four years ago.
  32. the law
    Kanye and Kim Are Suing a YouTube FounderOver a video of their engagement.
  33. the law
    And Now Marvin Gaye’s Family Will Sue Robin ThickeFor multiple copyright infringements.
  34. the law
    Rihanna Got Someone Else in Thailand ArrestedA bar owner.
  35. the law
    Kanye Sentenced in Paparazzi ScuffleNo jail time, as expected.
  36. the law
    Robin Thicke Pre-Sued Marvin Gaye’s FamilyBecause that is a thing you can do.
  37. the law
    Chris Brown Just Got Sued for That Frank Ocean FightBut not by Frank.
  38. close calls
    They Found Weed on Bieber’s Tour Bus AgainHe wasn’t on it.
  39. the law
    Drake and Chris Brown Do Not Owe $16 Million for That Bottle FightNow we’ll never know what Drake’s note said.
  40. the law
    Sony Wins Midnight in Paris Suit Over Faulkner EstateImprobably, there was a Sharknado mention in the verdict.
  41. the law
    Lil Twist Got Arrested in Justin Bieber’s CarFor a DUI.
  42. the law
    Judge Dismisses Sexual-Abuse Charges Against Elmo Puppeteer Kevin ClashAll three of them.
  43. the law
    Justin Bieber Sued by PhotographerFor an alleged assault.
  44. the law
    Chris Brown Facing Criminal Charges After a Hit and RunHe denies it.
  45. the law
    Fat Joe Sentenced to Four Months in PrisonFor unpaid taxes.
  46. the law
    Jeff Garlin Arrested After Allegedly Smashing Some Car WindowsParking spaces are provocative things.
  47. the law
    Amanda Bynes Arrested After Throwing Bong Out Midtown Window [Updated]She reportedly received a psychiatric evaluation before being processed at the police station.
  48. the law
    Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Asks Officer, ‘Do You Know My Name?’She also “stated that she was a U.S. citizen and that she was allowed to stand on American ground.”
  49. the law
    Julie Taymor Settled With Spider-Man ProducersGood-bye, Sad Julie Taymor.
  50. the law
    No, Prince Won’t Let You Vine His MusicNot even six seconds.
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