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The Leftovers Finale

  1. The Leftovers Ends With No Answers — But Here’s One Possible TheoryI’ll tell you what I initially believed happened in The Leftovers finale. Then I’ll tell you the conclusion that I came to the day after.
  2. The Leftovers Finale Is a Love Story — and That Makes Total SenseThe Kevin/Nora relationship became the backbone of the series because it reflects its central themes.
  3. How The Leftovers’ Series Finale Compares to LostDamon Lindelof’s second series is a maturation of the themes he pondered a decade ago.
  4. Justin Theroux Explains Where We Leave Kevin on The Leftovers“I don’t think Kevin holds any religious beliefs. That’s probably what he realizes by the end of it.”
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    Let’s Discuss the Revelation in The Leftovers FinaleIn the end, it was all about Nora.
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    Damon Lindelof Agrees That He’s ‘Definitely’ a Toby“I just totally felt for him, and I really identify with him.”
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    Reza Aslan Addresses Your Leftovers Finale QuestionsAnd explains why it’s the only show to get religion right.
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    The Leftovers Finale Theories, Ranked by PlausibilityWhat will Meg do?