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The Leftovers Season Three

  1. The Leftovers Ends With No Answers — But Here’s One Possible TheoryI’ll tell you what I initially believed happened in The Leftovers finale. Then I’ll tell you the conclusion that I came to the day after.
  2. The Leftovers Finale Is a Love Story — and That Makes Total SenseThe Kevin/Nora relationship became the backbone of the series because it reflects its central themes.
  3. How The Leftovers’ Series Finale Compares to LostDamon Lindelof’s second series is a maturation of the themes he pondered a decade ago.
  4. Justin Theroux Explains Where We Leave Kevin on The Leftovers“I don’t think Kevin holds any religious beliefs. That’s probably what he realizes by the end of it.”
  5. Why The Leftovers Did an ‘International Assassin’ SequelThere was a lot of discussion of the Bourne and Bond movies.
  6. chat room
    Amy Brenneman Had a ‘Million Questions’ About Her Big Leftovers Episode“I didn’t entirely know how she got there.”
  7. Why The Leftovers Theme Song Is Different for Every Episode This Season“The pragmatic reality was that there was no money to do a new opening title sequence.”
  8. close reads
    Why The Leftovers’ Pop-Culture References Are So GoodUltimately, they underline the central question of the series.
  9. inside the leftovers
    Damon Lindelof Explains The Leftovers’ Opening PrologueAnother mysterious, dialogue-free sequence.
  10. backstories
    The Story Behind The Leftovers’ Big RevealIt all came down to how they shot it.
  11. theories
    A Guide to All The Leftovers Theories About the DepartureEveryone thinks they have the answer.
  12. catch up
    A Leftovers Refresher: Every Last Thing to Remember for the Final SeasonOur who’s who and what’s what.
  13. tv review
    The Leftovers Is Going Out on a High NoteSometimes you need a good cry, and this show continues to give it to you.