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The Lego Batman Movie

  1. The Lego Ninjago Movie Is a Mess for Anyone Unfamiliar With Lego Ninjago MythosThis movie is in the martial-arts–giant-robot–Asian-fusion Lego business, and don’t you forget it.
  2. ethics shmethics
    Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Regrets Telling You to See Lego BatmanMnuchin, who executive-produced Lego Batman, made an ethics misstep.
  3. ethics shmethics
    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Promotes Lego Batman, Ignoring EthicsMnuchin also produced Suicide Squad.
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    What The Lego Batman Movie Gets About Batman That Other Movies Don’tThe animated movie embraces the many ridiculous elements of Batman’s long history.
  5. movie review
    The Lego Batman Movie Starts Great But Dips PrecipitouslyThe first 20 minutes kill. The last hour is like a night at the comedy club after the headliners have left.
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    Everything About Batman Is Awesome in The Lego Batman Movie Theme Song“Who never skips leg day? Batman!”
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    Lego Batman Trailer: Zero Darkness, Zero GritHe’s not like a regular Batman. He’s a cool Batman!
  8. Check out the First Trailer for ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Starring Will […]The all-Batman Lego Movie spin-off heads to theaters next year, and today the first teaser trailer dropped. The film’s voice cast includes Will […]
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    Mariah Carey Joins The LEGO Batman Movie As the MayorIntuitive.