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  1. Movies About Living Toys Raise Some Horrifying QuestionsAre they alive? Can they think? Can they feel?
  2. vulture lists
    Every Will Ferrell Movie, Ranked From Worst to BestWhich movie best captures the Will Ferrell Experience?
  3. The Lego Ninjago Movie Is a Mess for Anyone Unfamiliar With Lego Ninjago MythosThis movie is in the martial-arts–giant-robot–Asian-fusion Lego business, and don’t you forget it.
  4. ‘BoJack Horseman’s Raphael Bob-Waksberg to Write ‘The Lego Movie Sequel’A sequel to Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s The Lego Movie has been in the works for a couple years now, and this week the two brought on another […]
  5. the industry
    The Lego Movie 2 Delayed Until 2019Everything is not awesome.
  6. the industry
    Mariah Carey Joins The LEGO Batman Movie As the MayorIntuitive.
  7. sequels forever
    In the Future, All Movies Will Be Lego MoviesThe Billion Brick Race will be the fourth Lego Movie sequel or spinoff.
  8. ‘Community’s Rob Schrab Is Directing the ‘Lego Movie’ SequelVariety reports that the sequel to the wonderful, Oscar-snubbed Lego Movie has its director: Community’s Rob Schrab. Seeing as the previous […]
  9. oscars 2015
    The Oscars’ ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Was So GreatThey gave Oprah a Lego Oscar!
  10. The Lonely Island Will Perform at the Oscars with Tegan and SaraThe Lego Movie might’ve gotten a big Oscars snub this year in the Animated Feature category, but it did grab an Original Song nomination for […]
  11. oscars 2015
    Why ‘Everything Is Awesome’ Deserves an OscarAccording to Chris Pratt. (Also, what they’d plan for the ceremony.)
  12. the toughest scene i wrote
    How The Lego Movie’s Surprise Twist WorkedThe best scene in the movie was one they thought about cutting.
  13. The Best Comedy Directors of 2014As this column wraps up its first full year, I present the 1st Annual 2014 Comedy Film School Awards. These awards are determined by a voting […]
  14. party chat
    Why the Jurassic World Trailer Made Chris Pratt Cringe“Aw, why did I do that with my eyebrow?”
  15. fat pratt
    There Will Be No More ‘Fat Pratt,’ Says Chris PrattRIP, Fat Pratt.
  16. Phil Lord and Chris Miller Will Write ‘The Lego Movie 2’The writing/directing duo behind The Lego Movie might not be returning to the director’s chair for the sequel, but they’ve officially signed on […]
  17. reality tv
    A Lego Reality Competition Show Is on the WayKind of like Top Chef, but with plastic bricks instead of food.
  18. spinoffs
    Lego Movie’s Batman Is Getting His Own MovieThe Lego Movie 2 has been postponed.
  19. Will Arnett to Star in a ‘Lego Batman’ Spin-OffThe Lego Movie is getting a spin-off all about Will Arnett’s Batman. THR reports that Warner Bros. is fast-tracking the sequel, which will be […]
  20. the year of chris pratt
    How Chris Pratt Became the Biggest Star of 2014From Andy Dwyer to Peter Quill (and everything in between).
  21. mash-ups
    What If Guardians of the Galaxy Were Lego?The rise of Chris Pratt appears to be unstoppable.
  22. chat room
    22 Jump Street Directors on Their Early Work“You can see the influence in this movie. We’ve stolen a ton of jokes from Clone High.”
  23. spinoffs
    The Lego Movie’s Ninja Spin-off Gets a Release DateIn September 2016.
  24. The ‘Lego Movie’ Sequel Gets a New DirectorThe Lego Movie already had a sequel greenlit before the first one even came out, and the second film has now found a director. Deadline reports […]
  25. weekend box office
    Non-Stop Lives Up to Its Name at the Box OfficeThe Liam Neeson movie opened at the top.
  26. How ‘The Lego Movie’ Manages to Keep a Bunch of Plates Spinning All at OnceWhile you certainly don’t need me to tell you that the number one movie in the country three weeks running is a success, The Lego Movie seems […]
  27. weekend box office
    The Lego Movie Is Still Number OneIt’s been three weeks on top for this animated darling.
  28. release dates
    The LEGO Movie Sequel Gets Release DateSee you in 2017, anthropomorphized LEGOs.
  29. weekend box office
    The Lego Movie Crushed Its Valentine’s Day CompetitionNewcomers didn’t fare so well this weekend.
  30. bloopers
    Watch the Blooper Reel for The LEGO MovieEveryone and every set falls down.
  31. party plattah
    Remembering The LEGO Movie Directors’ Superb TV Show, Clone HighLooking back at the awesome short-lived MTV animated series that was created by The Lego Movie writers-directors. 
  32. Jerry Seinfeld Accuses ‘The Lego Movie’ of Plagiarizing HimOn Twitter yesterday morning, Jerry Seinfeld accused the folks behind The Lego Movie of stealing his material: “I think Lego Movie stole my […]
  33. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Talk About The LEGO MovieIs everything awesome, though? Think about it.
  34. weekend box office
    The Lego Movie Is an Instant HitIt brought in $69.1 million on its first weekend.
  35. movies
    How Lego-y Were Lego’s Other Movies?Bionicle: Mask of Light and The Adventures of Clutch Powers.
  36. Reviews for ‘The Lego Movie’ Are Positive, Full of Lego MetaphorsThe Lego Movie hits theaters today, and though it’s a kid-friendly PG-rated animated feature, it has a clever way of combining the nostalgic […]
  37. deep dives
    The LEGO Movie is Practically CommunistPushing back against the age of empowerment.
  38. movie review
    Ebiri on The Lego Movie: A Spectacle of Pure, Freewheeling JoyIt’s the kind of animated free-for-all that comes around very rarely, if ever.
  39. go minifigure
    See Some Custom-Made LEGO Movie and TV SetsWho wants to play LEGO There Will Be Blood?
  40. There’s Already a Sequel to ‘The Lego Movie’ in the WorksThe new animated comedy The Lego Movie is coming out this weekend, but the studio behind it has already started work on a sequel. The Wrap […]
  41. right-click
    Hear Tegan and Sara With the Lonely Island’s Lego Movie SongIt’s called “Everything Is AWESOME!!!”
  42. Watch the Very Promising New Trailer for ‘The Lego Movie’ A movie set entirely in a world of Legos could so easily go wrong, and yet this trailer for the upcoming action/comedy Lego Movie looks pretty […]
  43. comic-con 2013
    Comic-Con: Cobie Smulders Is Playing Wonder Woman! In a Movie! Sort Of.In The Lego Movie, at least.
  44. Watch the Trailer for ‘The Lego Movie’ Featuring Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, […] Here’s the trailer for The Lego Movie a new computer animated adventure comedy from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directing team behind […]
  45. trailer mix
    The Lego Movie Trailer: Block and RollThis could be great.