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The Lion King

  1. queen blue
    So, How Are We Getting Blue Ivy Carter an Oscar for Black Is King?A look at Blue Ivy’s best moments from her mom’s little movie.
  2. album review
    Beyoncé’s Lion King Soundtrack Puts the Focus Back Where It Belongs: AfricaBeyoncé, as usual, knows better.
  3. the gold rush
    If Taylor Swift and Cats Aren’t Winning the Best Song Oscar, Who Is?The Academy’s shortlist snub leaves the Original Song category light on star power.
  4. beyonce presents: the lion king
    We Regret to Inform You That Elton John Did Not Like Beyoncé’s Lion King MusicHe called the new movie a “disappointment.”
  5. beyoncé
    Beyoncé Takes You Behind-the-Scenes With ABC’s Making The Gift DocumentaryBetter hope you never end up in a gift exchange with Beyoncé. She’ll annihilate you.
  6. disney
    Bring Back the AnimationTraditional hand-drawn animation is certainly not dead, but Disney has forsaken it. Why?
  7. the way we were
    Let’s Take a Moment to Remember The Lion King’s Goose-Stepping Hyenas25 years ago, Disney released an animated movie about African wildlife with imagery inspired by Nazi propaganda.
  8. beyoncé presents: the lion king
    Beyoncé Is in The Lion King for About 20 Minutes. Here’s Everything She Does.Your bush-baby brain will crumble every time Nala’s lines even vaguely come off like a song lyric.
  9. the lion king
    Scar Should Be GayerAnd give him a better haircut!
  10. beyonce
    John Oliver Nervous to Meet (the Space Into Which) Beyoncé (Was Photoshopped)Of course she didn’t pose for promo photos with the cast, but she was there in spirit.
  11. box office
    The Lion King Mauls Harry Potter’s July Box-Office RecordIt’s the ciiiiircle of liiiiiifeee.
  12. beyonce presents: the lion king
    Blue Ivy’s Vocals and 5 Other Standout Moments From Beyoncé’s The GiftStill crying from “Brown Skin Girl.”
  13. movie review
    The Lion King Is an Unusually Good Nature Documentary. Is That What We Wanted?Technically speaking, it’s a marvel. But having entered the photorealistic realm, the mood of the movie has changed.
  14. my childhood
    It Took a Disney Kingdom to Kill Cartoon MufasaThe only thing more distressing than his death is the impending end of the medium responsible for it.
  15. beyonce presents: the lion king
    You Can Now Stream Beyoncé’s The Lion King: The GiftThe album blends the voice work of James Earl Jones with the music of Africa.
  16. soundtracks
    Euphoria Composer Labrinth on ‘Still Don’t Know My Name’ and Writing for Beyoncé“Like I just posted about writing a song for Beyoncé, but they’re asking me about this Euphoria song! We’d better figure something out.”
  17. beyonce presents: the lion king
    Beyoncé’s Lion King Album Will Feature Kendrick Lamar, Blue Ivy, and MoreBeyoncé Presents: The Lion King presents a track list.
  18. chat room
    Billy Eichner on Hugging Beyoncé and Thanksgiving at Barbra Streisand’sThe star of The Lion King talks gay lions, gay rom-coms, and improvising Timon’s and Pumbaa’s lines.
  19. beyonce presents: the lion king
    Listen to the Lion King Soundtrack, Now With BeyoncéCongrats to Beyoncé collaborators Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen.
  20. deep dives
    Tracing the Career Arc of Donald Glover, a Bonafide Quintuple ThreatThe actor, writer, comedian, rapper, and showrunner plays Simba in the live-action remake of The Lion King. Here’s what came before that.
  21. hakuna matata
    Be on the Lookout for Chance the Rapper’s Voice in The Lion KingHe was also a low-key consultant this entire time.
  22. last night on late night
    Donald Glover’s Son Is Part of the Bey HiveBey before blood.
  23. beyonce presents: the lion king
    Beyoncé Releases First New Song From The Lion KingPrepare to be inspired.
  24. beyonce presents: the lion king
    To Celebrate The Lion King Beyoncé Brings Us The GiftGet your thank-you notes ready.
  25. sears portrait studio
    Beyoncé Presents: The Lion King Presents: a Cast PhotoOur favorite Sears Portrait Studio strikes again!
  26. beyonce?!
    We Should Just Call It ‘Beyoncé Presents: The Lion King’ NowSeven thoughts on those cast photos.
  27. the lions sing
    Disney Reveals Lion King Soundtrack, Featuring a Mysterious Track 14Be prepared …
  28. the lion king
    You Can Finally Hear Beyoncé Sing ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’Perfect harmony.
  29. last night on late night
    Billy Eichner Is Just So Great at Video GamesThis could be its own show.
  30. the lion king
    You Can Finally Hear Beyoncé Say ‘Simba’Let me hear you say “Hey, Ms. Nala!”
  31. the lion queen
    Beyoncé Is Taking This Lion King Thing Pretty FarThe circle of life truly begins.
  32. summer preview
    The Most Anticipated Screen Pairings of the Summer Movie SeasonSummer movies are for fun and escape, and what’s more entrancing than some stellar co-star chemistry?
  33. summer preview
    Summer Movie Preview: The Lion King, The Farewell, and Tarantino’s HollywoodVulture’s guide to cinema this summer.
  34. trailer mix
    The New Trailer for Disney’s Lion King Will Remind You of the Old Lion KingComing July 19, 2019.
  35. the industry
    Amy Sedaris Is Voicing a New Character in Live-Action Lion KingNow who’s a cynical cash grab?
  36. movies
    Stop What You’re Doing and Look at This Lion King Cast PhotoIt’s happening.
  37. movies
    Hallelujah! Elton John Is Working on a Lion King Song for BeyoncéGet Beyoncé that Oscar.
  38. the late show with stephen colbert
    Nathan Lane Responds to Billy Eichner’s Lion King Casting: ‘How Dare You!’“What’s next? You and Ryan Gosling in The Birdcage?”
  39. casting couch
    Beyoncé Is Voicing Nala in the Live-Action Lion King RemakeShe just can’t wait to be queen.
  40. obits
    Robert Guillaume, Voice of Lion King’s Rafiki and Star of Benson, Dies at 89Guillaume won Emmys for his work on ABC’s Soap and its spinoff Benson.
  41. casting couch
    Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner Might Be the Next Pumbaa and Timon in The Lion KingThe pair are reportedly in talks to join the live-action Lion King adaptation.
  42. tribeca film festival 2017
    Jon Favreau and Scarlett Johansson on the Lion King Remake and ImprovThe director defended improv to Scarlett Johansson, who said got “sweaty palms” at the thought of ad-libbing.
  43. dream casting couch
    Jon Favreau Reportedly After Beyoncé to Be Live-Action Lion King’s NalaWhy wait for a king when Beyoncé’s already a queen?
  44. just can't wait
    Donald Glover to Play Simba in Lion King Remake; James Earl Jones Back As MufasaThe Lion King remake just got its reluctant king (and a familiar father).
  45. National Film Registry Adds 25 MoviesThe Lion King, Breakfast Club, and East of Eden made the list.
  46. the story of election night
    Many Broadway Shows Will Go Dark on Election DayHamilton will still be playing, natch.
  47. the industry
    Jon Favreau Is Remaking The Lion KingIt will include songs from the original film.
  48. last night on late night
    Byrne, Rogen Do Sidewalk Musical With CordenGenesee and Beverly will never be the same again, thanks to The Late Late Show.
  49. casting couch
    Mufasa Lives! James Earl Jones Will Return for The Lion King SequelNobody messes with your dad!
  50. theater
    Disney’s Theatrical Head on Broadway’s Changes“People over 65 are up a couple of hundred percent because Broadway became a safer environment.”
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