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The Magnificent Seven

  1. columbus day
    7 Movies to Watch (or Not) This Columbus Day WeekendAmerican Honey for all, Magnificent Seven for none, and avoid a trip with The Girl on the Train.
  2. $$$$
    Miss Peregrine Won the Box Office This WeekendThe kids are all right.
  3. $$$$
    The Magnificent Seven Won the Weekend Box OfficeRemakes, so hot right now, remakes.
  4. On Peter Sarsgaard’s Magnificent Seven VillainThe actor gives a weird, risky performance in an otherwise straight movie.
  5. movie review
    Review: The Magnificent Seven Is a Wan WesternThe movie has the trappings of a classic Western and it hits its marks, but there’s no grandeur in its images or generosity in its soul.
  6. toronto film festival 2016
    Chris Pratt Talks Adorable Nonsense About The Magnificent Seven“There’s seven of us, and we’re fucking magnificent.”
  7. fall preview 2016
    Antoine Fuqua on Remaking The Magnificent Seven“The truth of the West is more modern than the movies have been.”
  8. trailer mix
    See Pratt, Denzel in Magnificent Seven TrailerMagnificent.
  9. Denzel, Chris Pratt Appear in Magnificent SevenOh please, won’t you see their vests?
  10. movies
    National Film Registry Adds Pulp Fiction, Mary Poppins, and MoreWhat do they call a Quarter Pounder With Cheese in the Library of Congress?