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The Martian

  1. open the pod bay doors
    ‘Depressed in Space Alone’ Is My Favorite Movie GenreNothing is more peaceful than movies about people who are floating through the ether, grasping for meaning and finding only the chilly abyss.
  2. new york comic con 2017
    What Life on the Moon Looks Like in Artemis, Andy Weir’s Martian Follow-up“Artemis exists because there is an economic reason for it to.”
  3. the martian
    Sean Penn Will Try Life on Mars for Hulu, Will Probably Come Back With an AwardHulu has given a straight-to-series order to The First, created and executive produced by Beau Willimon.
  4. Mackenzie Davis on Whitewashing, Equal Pay, and FeminismThe Halt and Catch Fire star on the value of having difficult conversations.
  5. casting couch
    Mackenzie Davis Joins the Blade Runner SequelRyan Gosling and Harrison Ford are starring in the film.
  6. the industry
    Ridley Scott, Drew Goddard Reteaming for WraithsViolent horror-western, coming in hot!
  7. golden globes
    Golden Globes Change Comedy and Drama RulesThe 2017 ceremony will air on Sunday, January 8.
  8. oscars 2016
    How 6 of This Year’s Oscar Movies Were CastAs told by the casting directors of six of this year’s most critically acclaimed films.
  9. chris rock
    Chris Rock Teases an Oscars Martian BitThe Academy will come to fear his comedy powers.
  10. awards season
    Mad Max, Revenant Win Art Directors Guild AwardsThe guild divides its awards by genre.
  11. the toughest scene i wrote
    The Toughest Scene I Wrote: The Martian“I was so excited, and I called [the book’s author] Andy Weir and said, ‘I think I’ve cracked it.’ He very dryly said, ‘Eh, that doesn’t work.’”
  12. roll clip!
    Watch The Martian’s Math-Heavy Honest TrailerFeaturing Meth Damon!
  13. movie math
    Saving Matt Damon in All Those Movies Cost 5 Percent of the U.S. GDPMatt Damon can’t stop getting into dramatic scrapes.
  14. the month in movies
    This Month in Movies: October? More Like FloptoberIt wasn’t Hollywood’s finest 744 hours.
  15. box office
    Matt Damon and Animated Vampires Dominate the Weekend Box OfficeThe Martian took in $55 million for the 2nd-best October opening ever.
  16. ask an expert
    How NASA Would Rescue Someone From MarsCould the thrilling rescue in The Martian happen in real life?
  17. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Does The Martian Have a Real Shot at Best Picture?Who’s up? Who’s down?
  18. movie review
    The Martian SoarsI can’t imagine anyone not liking this one.
  19. movies
    Maybe We Need More Movies About Nice PeopleIn the age of the antihero, The Intern and The Martian go a very different way.
  20. last night on late night
    Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Finally Went to Couples TherapyTo work out their fake decade-long feud.
  21. toronto film festival 2015
    4 Reasons Why The Martian Is Ridley Scott’s Big ComebackThe Matt Damon space movie just had a gangbusters premiere in Toronto.
  22. toronto film festival 2015
    Previewing the 10 Buzziest Movies at the Toronto Film FestivalFeaturing Jake Gyllenhaal, a marooned Matt Damon, and Cate Blanchett targeting the president.
  23. mashups
    WALL-E Finds His Badass Side in This Great Martian Mash-UpIntroducing WHATN-E, the robot botanist.
  24. trailer mix
    The Martian Trailer: Matt Damon Is Mars’s Badass BotanistWhy does he keep getting left behind on other planets?
  25. toronto film festival 2015
    Toronto Film Festival: The Martian, DemolitionPrestige season is almost here.
  26. trailer mix
    The Martian Trailer: Matt Damon Is MarsGyverAs Kristen Wiig looks on, worriedly.
  27. promos
    Here’s the First Promo for Ridley Scott’s Martian AdaptationMatt Damon’s character likes baseball but hates jokes.
  28. movies
    Ridley Scott Won’t Direct the Blade Runner SequelAnd more on Harrison Ford’s role. 
  29. directors chair
    Ridley Scott in Talks to Direct Matt Damon in Mars MovieDescribed as a cross between Cast Away and Apollo 13.