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The Matrix Resurrections

  1. lawsuits
    Warner Bros. Is Being Sued for Releasing The Matrix Resurrections on HBO MaxVillage Roadshow, the film’s co-producer, is in its Scarlett Johansson era.
  2. very bad guys
    Every Movie Villain Is a Tech BroThe long-gestating archetype gets at a dull, persistent itch in our psyches that we can’t scratch away.
  3. 20-20 vision
    Let’s Talk About The Matrix Resurrections’ Cool GlassesHere’s to all the little retro glasses that gave us a new perspective.
  4. chat room
    Neil Patrick Harris on Playing The Matrix Resurrections’ Tech-Bro AnalystOn using therapy-speak for suspicious ends, why he loves being memed, and his kid’s Ted Lasso rebellion.
  5. the rabbit hole
    10 Movies to Plug Into After The Matrix Resurrections“Choice is an illusion,” sure, but here are some options anyway.
  6. remember the time
    A Brief Appreciation of The Matrix Reloaded’s Orgasm CakeA look back on the goofy, gonzo scene almost two decades after it riled critics.
  7. chat room
    Jonathan Groff Explains His No-Socks Matrix VillainHe is also okay with his thing being mouth horror.
  8. plug back in
    Everything You Need to Know About the Matrix Before Watching ResurrectionsWho died, who lived, and where the war between humans and the machines stands after three films, one Animatrix, and an MMORPG.
  9. simulatte
    David Mitchell on Why Neo Never Fires a Gun in The Matrix Resurrections“In the fourth film in this franchise, one of whose most iconic lines is ‘guns, lots of guns,’ something’s changed,” says the Cloud Atlas author.
  10. endings
    Let’s Talk About the Ending of The Matrix ResurrectionsAnd the Trinity of it all.
  11. movie review
    The Matrix Resurrections Is a Messy, Imperfect TriumphDirecting solo for the first time, Lana Wachowski creates a thrillingly romantic blockbuster that expands the possibilities of the form.
  12. chat room
    Jessica Henwick on Watching Keanu Reeves Watch Himself in The Matrix“I said, ‘When was the last time you watched this film?’ He was like, ‘I mean, it must have been when it came out.’”