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The Monkees

  1. obits
    The Monkees’ Peter Tork Dead at 77He was the bassist, keyboard player, and sometimes lead singer of one of the first-ever boy bands.
  2. match wits
    Behold Julie Klausner’s Mad Trivia SkillsTake the quiz Vulture’s Media Ambassador was subjected to during her appearance on the trivia radio program.
  3. The Comedy Innovations of Michael NesmithTo me, as a kid watching The Monkees, it was all about Michael Nesmith. Sure, the others all had their appeal: Davy Jones was the pretty boy […]
  4. r.i.p.
    Davy Jones Has DiedHe was 66.
  5. The Monkees, The Old New Monkees, and New Monkees: How to Destroy A […]The Monkees was one of the greatest, hippest, most forward-thinking sitcoms ever, if not the first modern-day, non-cheesy sitcom. Which is […]
  6. dvd
    Upon Head’s Blu-ray Release, Two Monkees Disagree on Its WorthMicky Dolenz loves the surreal 1968 curio, while Peter Tork says it’s “extremely bleak.”
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    What if The Room Were More Like Sixties TV Show The Monkees?The question on everyone’s lips.