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  1. Ten TV Comedy Myths Put to Rest (Hopefully)Who doesn’t like to collect neat little bits of trivia about their favorite TV shows? People with more important things to do, probably, but […]
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    NBC’s Big New Idea Is The Munsters, But in BrooklynSeth Meyers is executive producing the reboot along with Odd Mom Out’s Jill Kargman.
  3. Seth Meyers Is Producing an NBC ‘Munsters’ Reboot Set in BrooklynSay hello to the next TV show to get a reboot: The Munsters. According to Deadline, a half-hour, single-cam reboot of the ‘60s comedy series is […]
  4. Should NBC Have Given ‘Mockingbird Lane’ a Full Season?Sometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we […]
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    NBC Likely Airing Munsters Reboot As a SpecialPotentially exciting.
  6. bad decisions
    NBC’s Munsters Reboot Is Likely DeadTHR and Deadline say yes, Bryan Fuller says no.
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    See a Still From The Munsters RebootExcuse us, Eddie, but where are the ears?
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    Portia de Rossi Cast As Mother Munster in Mockingbird LaneBryan Fuller’s Munsters reboot.
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    Jerry O’Connell Cast As Herman MunsterOn NBC’s Mockingbird Lane.
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    Bryan Fuller Compares Munsters Reboot to American Horror StoryAnd the Real Housewives of Transylvania.
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    Eddie Izzard Is Still Figuring Out His Munsters Reboot“It’s going to be way darker than people expect.”
  12. Eddie Izzard Is Your New Grandpa MunsterEddie Izzard has been cast as Grandpa in Mockingbird Lane, the upcoming NBC remake of The Munsters. An interesting choice! Izzard has an edge […]
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    Eddie Izzard in Talks for Grandpa MunsterThat is kind of perfect.
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    NBC Postpones The MunstersUntil midseason at the earliest.
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    The Munsters Reboot Gets a New TitleThe show’s now called Mockingbird Lane.
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    Bryan Singer Added to The Munsters RebootBryan Fuller will write it, Bryan Singer will direct and executive produce it, and hopefully you’ll watch it.
  17. The Munsters Are Coming Back to 1313 Mockingbird LaneThe Munsters are back! Everyone’s favorite family named after a cheese (who else thought the cheese was named after the show when they were […]
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    NBC Bringing Back The MunstersMore TV monsters, coming your way.
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    From Westerns to Pirates to Alien Cops: The TV Dramas in Development for Fall 2012We sorted through the hundreds of pilot ideas commissioned by the networks and broke out the most intriguing … and most ridiculous.
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    Reboots, Rom-Coms, and the Hulk: Meet the Shows in Development for 2011There’s a ‘Hulk’ remake, some ‘Mad Men’ homages, kung fu cops, and many, many gay character.
  21. Pushing Daisies Creator Bryan Fuller Is Remaking The MunstersThis sounds interesting: Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller is working on a remake of The Munsters for NBC, and apparently Guillermo del Toro […]
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    Reboot of The Munsters in the Works for NBCBryan Fuller is behind the potential series.