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  1. podcasts
    The Choice Is Doing What The Weekly Couldn’tThe New York Times podcast about its primary endorsement offers more insight than its TV equivalent.
  2. close reads
    The Weekly’s Endorsement Episode Was a FailureAnd not just because the Times endorsed two candidates.
  3. whoa
    Let These Jim Carrey Quotes Blow Your Mind, Man“I don’t have a crisis anymore. I know I don’t exist.”
  4. homophobia
    Comedians Slam New York Times for Homophobic Trump/Putin ‘Joke’“Please explain to me why being gay is the joke?”
  5. close reads
    The Fourth Estate Takes on #MeToo and the New York TimesBut does the Showtime documentary go far enough?
  6. Vox Media to Launch Daily News Podcast Called Today, ExplainedThe new podcast will debut on February 19.
  7. The Modern Love Team Picks Their 9 Favorite Podcast EpisodesFeaturing stories read by Colin Farrell, Ruth Negga, Michael Shannon, and more.
  8. ‘NYT’ on the Approaching Comedy Bust: “If Comedy Is to Grow, It Needs to […]Is the current comedy boom about to bust? Yes, and we should welcome it, according to a great new piece by Jason Zinoman over at The New York […]
  9. lawyers
    Harvey Weinstein Lawyers Up in Advance of Possible ExposésThe mogul has reportedly been in touch with the Clintons’ crisis manager Lanny Davis.
  10. extremely serious dramas
    NY Times Puts Sausage Party on Best Film List*spits out gigantic stream of mustard in surprise*
  11. theater drama
    New York Times Rejects Hello, Dolly! AdAwkward.
  12. corrections happen to the best of us
    NY Times Reviews Amazon’s Goliath Out of Order Billy Bob Thornton’s show not as confusing as previously believed.
  13. Go Behind the Business Side of Comedy Central with Its Top ExecutivesBetween Broad City, Key and Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, and The Daily Show, most comedy fans would agree that Comedy Central is killing it these […]
  14. CBS Never Consulted with David Letterman About His ‘Late Show’ SuccessorDavid Letterman’s final episode as host of Late Show is just a few weeks away, and to celebrate his long late night reign, The New York Times […]
  15. op-ed
    Sorkin Calls News Outlets ‘Morally Treasonous’In a New York Times op-ed, he slams those he says have been willingly used as pawns by Sony’s hackers.
  16. John Oliver on Confusing ‘Last Week Tonight’ with Journalism: ‘The Correct […]“We are making jokes about the news and sometimes we need to research things deeply to understand them, but it’s always in service of a joke. […]
  17. Issa Rae Explains Her Comedy Mission in ‘NYT’ Web Series ‘Off Color’Here’s another installment of NYT’s new web series Off Color highlighting Issa Rae, the creator and star of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black […]
  18. i'll drink to that
    Olivia Pope Drinks Wine Wrong, Says New York TimesYou’re supposed to sip it??
  19. Watch Hari Kondabolu in ‘NYT’s New Web Series ‘Off Color’The New York Times debuted a new web series today called Off Color featuring “several artists of color who use humor to make social statements […]
  20. ‘The New York Times’ Profiles ‘High Maintenance,’ ‘Sound Advice,’ and More“Using this anthology structure, the show captures a wide swath of personalities, and while they include a cross-dressing father, a […]
  21. Larry David Talks with ‘The New York Times’ About His Upcoming Broadway […]“I haven’t been in a play since the eighth grade, when I did Charley’s Aunt. I seem to remember wearing a dress. That’s it. And I’m not even […]
  22. Judd Apatow and Amy Schumer Talk ‘Trainwreck’ with ‘New York Times’“There’s a moment early in someone’s career where they will kill and die for what they’re writing about. That’s why sometimes these first […]
  23. ‘The Onion’ Debuts a Vulgar New Web Series Parodying ‘The NY Times’ […] Today, The Onion launched a new web series called Who’s Fucking?, a parody of The New York Times’s wedding announcement column, “Vows,” in […]
  24. Frank Rich Dives Deep Into the Current State of Conservative Comedy“Anyone who believes in free markets, as American conservatives profess to, should understand that few markets are as ruthless as show […]
  25. Louis C.K. Says He Doesn’t Intend to Be a Wholesale Comedy Mogul“I’m not going to become some mogul, putting out wholesale chunks of comedy. If I find something I haven’t seen, that’s unique, and I could get […]
  26. Teddy Wayne Explains How to Write a Short Humor PieceHumor writer Teddy Wayne, who’s written tons of short pieces in addition to novels The Love Song of Jonny Valentine and Kapitoil, wrote a piece […]
  27. Andre Braugher on Transitioning from Drama to Comedy on ‘Brooklyn […]“I’m never going to be an improv comedian; I just don’t have that thing that Joe Lo Truglio and Chelsea Peretti and Andy have. There’s a muscle […]
  28. A Bunch of ‘SNL’ Cast Members Share Their Audition Stories with ‘The New […]David Itzkoff of The New York Times has an excellent new piece out today called “The God of SNL Will See You Now,” in which 22 past and present […]
  29. ‘The NY Times’ Has an Excellent Jack Handey Profile TodayLongtime SNL writer Jack Handey, who’s responsible for recurring sketches like “Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer” and “Deep Thoughts,” is the subject of […]
  30. way back when
    Read a 1988 New York Times Story Featuring a Young ‘Jim Gandolfini’“His wanderer’s existence has given him sojourns, some as brief as two months … “
  31. corrections
    Let the New York Times Name Your Daft Punk Cover BandHow about Daft Puck?
  32. architecture
    Justin Davidson on Ada Louise Huxtable, 1921–2013“At 90, she was still writing circles around the rest of us.”
  33. Bill Murray Shares His Philosophy; Is Still Cool“The early days, you could change every single word [in a screenplay], and no one cared. It was like: ‘That’s fine. That was terrible anyway.’ […]
  34. ask an expert
    Jill Abramson on The Newsroom: ‘It’s Fantasy’“Parts of it to me seemed implausible.”
  35. cord-cutting
    The Reasons Why HBO Doesn’t Want Your MoneyIf you want HBO GO, you’re gonna have to pay for the Weather Channel, too.
  36. awards
    Oscars Will Only Nominate Docs with Times ReviewsDocumentaries will have to have a New York or L.A. Times review to be eligible for an Oscar nomination.
  37. Jonathan Ames Lost His Fork and Wrote About It in the Times“I live like the Unabomber, but without his sense of purpose.” That’s Jonathan Ames, creator of the recently-cancelled Bored to Death, in a […]
  38. ryan gosling
    Watch a Time Lapse Video of an Artist Painting Ryan GoslingGosling gets immortalized in paint, makes you consider opening the Ryan Gosling Museum.
  39. Times Highlights New Trend of Brash Female ComicsThe second edition of the The New York Times’ new comedy column gets right into the nitty-gritty with a conversation about female comics’ rape […]
  40. clickables
    Take the New York Times Grunge QuizAnswer carefully, or else the paper of record will know you’re a poser.